Let’s Discuss: Spreading the Word of Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island is approaching as a reality for CP players. It’s already available for players from some countries who were fortunate enough to be chosen for the geo-beta.

The scope of people who are aware of Club Penguin Island needs to grow. For that to occur, Club Penguin must spread the word about its fresh, all-new game. I have noticed that there has been some conversations in the CP community regarding ways to make this possible. I examine each way, from my perspective!

Social media promotion: Social media usage is constantly ongoing, nowadays. However, consider the audience. Supposedly if social media age rules were followed by everybody, people who are teens and older would be impacted. Club Penguin Island advertisements on social media would be contradictory to the Club Penguin Island age target, which is especially targeted for younger kids. In my opinion, it is not the most effective method of spreading the word, but I see some advantages, anyhow. Firstly, teenagers and even adults who have played Club Penguin in the past can be informed about this upcoming game (and as we know, it’s very difficult to let go of Club Penguin in your heart!). Therefore, they could be curious to learn more about CPI and even try it out. What’s more, they could tell their friends who were former CP players and increase the spread!

Television commercials: People in this era of increasing social media activity still watch TV (probably because they want to post their opinion of the latest TV episodes ;P). Anyway, Club Penguin commercials and even original TV specials have aired on Disney Channel before. Why not have CPI commercials on there, too? It is very likely that Disney audiences have at least some familiarity with Club Penguin. When they hear the news of Club Penguin Island, that could get the new game’s audience numbers growing! Heck, CPI commercials are not limited to Disney Channel. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are other possible kid-oriented channels to air these TV commercials. Frankly, I cannot think of any drawbacks of this way of spreading the word.

Club Penguin appearances on Disney Channel "was" common. Can we turn that into "is still common"?

Club Penguin appearances on Disney Channel “was” common. Can that be turned into “is still” common?

Word of mouth: Use the saying, “spread the word” literally. Way back then, when the original Club Penguin was new, the main form of communication was word of mouth. It satisfied a lot of players, who would then let their pals know what an awesome game it was, leading to a rise in player numbers! Let us hope that Club Penguin Island can match the level of satisfaction that the original was able to achieve and convince players to communicate Club Penguin Island to more people. That leads to the only possible drawback I can think of.. it was effective back then, but what about this new game? If I was the Club Penguin team, I would not depend on word of mouth to bring new players to Club Penguin Island.

It would be ideal to have all three of these ways of spreading the word executed and maybe others to bring Club Penguin Island into the knowledge of as many people as possible. The Club Penguin team and Disney must take CPI seriously. After all, CPI has taken years and years, with delays, long waits, and risks by slacking off from their main game, and more, to come to life. If they want to ensure the success and longevity of CPI and the whole Club Penguin universe and legacy, spreading the word is one of the most essential actions they must take.


Second Half of 2016 Review

It’s December. Therefore, it’s the end of another year and it’s time for me to review the other half of this year on Club Penguin! You can read what I had to say about the first half of 2016 here.

Parties following the Zootopia Party (which lasted from May to July) are the Finding Dory Party, Frozen Fever Party, Halloween Party, 11th Anniversary Party, Music Jam of 2016, and the Holiday Party of 2016. I will be frank and say that I barely spent any time at such parties, but does not hinder my review in any way.

Takeovers were there just to satisfy Club Penguin’s promise of monthly parties. They have been extremely occupied with Club Penguin Island, a brand-new CP experience. The Finding Dory Party introduced new rooms and new costumes, but that was about it. The fun depended on role-playing and imagination. What Club Penguin produced for the Finding Dory Party was nothing too substantial, but I nevertheless applaud them for taking precious time to make those new rooms and clothing items. The Frozen Fever Party returned (yes, again). Nothing new there, nothing much to say except that I caught a cold with this party and I needed a remedy.

A pretty helpful remedy was the next party, the annual Halloween Party! But just like the Frozen Fever Party, anything new was not found. However, I still enjoy the classic experience. The 11th Anniversary occurred in October, as well. Just like most anniversaries, it appeared only in the Coffee Shop and was mostly generic except for the fact that CP has turned 11 years old, an honorable thing to know for a virtual world.

Next up was Music Jam, and it was absolutely my favorite party this year! What was new here? Just clothing items. But what made this party truly remarkable was that it had the perfect combination of the classic and newer Music Jams. For instance, we had the chance to explore the Backstage and the Orca Straw (the classic) as well as the Music Cruise (the new) and so much more.

Thanks to the CP Wikia for the image.

Thanks to the CP Wikia for the image.

The final party is the annual Holiday Party, which is going on during the time that this blog post was released. The good old rooms and experiences returned for us to enjoy during this merry season. My favorite parts are Coins for Change (let’s keep helping our communities and our world!) and the new clothing items.

What made the second-half of 2016 quite special was the unexpected departure of Spike Hike, Megg’s entertaining new video series called Island Insider, and probably the most prominent, Club Penguin Island!! No more Project: Super Secret. After years of bland parties, all that waiting was worth it! It brings a fresh, 3D experience that surely will impress young players and longtime veterans. I am extremely hyped for this new game to release publicly and globally. What will never change though is the Club Penguin community’s kindness and patience and the CP team’s effort and love for the community and its game.

Let’s Discuss… Club Penguin Island

Umm… haven’t we been on the island this whole time? 😛

Strangely, this has been my Twitter bio long before Club Penguin Island was announced. Have I unknowingly been living in CPI without any realization?

Strangely, this has been my Twitter location long before Club Penguin Island was announced. Have I unknowingly been living in CPI without any realization?

Anyway, I’m sure you already know about Club Penguin Island, formerly known to all penguins as Project: Super Secret, so as always, I am not the one to write news. Instead, I sum up my general answers to interesting questions you may have about CPI as well as predictions of what the outcomes of CPI are.

Why is Project: Super Secret called “Club Penguin Island”?

Rumors in the past suggested that the real name of PSS was “Club Penguin Remix” but that was refuted when Club Penguin finally made their official announcement that the real name is “Club Penguin Island”. Honestly, the name doesn’t brag any sort of newness. We already know Club Penguin is an island. Why name it something that could have been used for the original game? I like how Club Penguin is taking its heritage into account. Even though Club Penguin Island is all-new, it’s still Club Penguin. It still thrives with Club Penguin players. And we are given a reminder that Club Penguin is one special island unlike no other. Club Penguin Island is a new name for a new game while respecting its past. 🙂

What made CPI possible?

The Club Penguin team’s longtime dedication to please its players. Even though there were more delays than anybody wanted and made risks by leaving their current game to fall into disrepair, they are scheduled to release CPI next year! Also, the loyal fans tirelessly waited and waited for Project: Super Secret to make its huge announcement. As a result of not giving up the wait, they received their reward of pre-registration into CPI!

What is it about Club Penguin that keeps many players, young and old, from leaving?

Club Penguin Island has convinced nearly everybody that they should stay, no matter how old they are. It’s hard leaving Club Penguin entirely, because the Club Penguin team’s effort to make Club Penguin last as long as possible in this ever-changing world is admirable. Club Penguin is one of those few games that can age with grandness. Personally, I want to stay with Club Penguin for life!

Who should be beta-testing?

I wish the beta test for Club Penguin Island was open instead of limited to only a select few. Every player, whether they are old or new, deserves to give CPI a try. For iOS, the highest amount of testers is 2,000. I am not sure about Android yet, but I hope it will transition to an open beta. Perhaps the reason for CP’s limitations on the beta-testing is that they prefer gathering a smaller amount of information. Nevertheless, having an open beta-test would increase the potential amount of players for CPI.

Once officially released, how will CPI affect the players?

For now, CPI will be mobile-exclusive on iOS and Android. The availability on computers is currently questionable. For those who have the above mobile devices with the required system requirements, they have the ability to play. Unfortunately, it’s looking like those without a mobile device can’t play CPI yet. In that case, some players can’t make the transition to the new step in Club Penguin’s journey. It would be best for CPI to be accessible for computer and mobile players to maximize the scope of their audience. Time will tell!

How will fan-based creations be affected?

3D has never been more important for Club Penguin than ever! However, will the players make any changes in their projects? I’ve been absorbed in the talent that this community can produce. It will be no surprise at all to see players create 3D fan artworks. The YouTube community’s creations will be impacted, too. For instance, many YouTubers carry out storylines on Club Penguin. How will that be accomplished on CPI and for that matter, on mobile? Regardless of the 3D aspects, what’s stopping fans from continuing to make 2D artworks?

No matter how different and revolutionary Club Penguin Island will be compared to the original Club Penguin, the team’s mission is to have a safe online place for all ages to socialize and have fun. It’s up to the community to keep the island a lively and welcoming place for all! Let me know what your input is on Club Penguin Island and/or my responses above in the comments below or on Twitter.

Let’s Discuss… Those Unforgettable Servers

You have had some special moments that have occurred on Club Penguin, right? Several examples may include meeting a mascot or staff member for the first time, finishing all the levels of a game, and even your first server that you logged on. I think servers deserve a place in your memory. Here are a few servers that I have treasured and why they have a place in my penguin heart:

  • Thermal (It was my first server. At the time, I was learning about thermal energy in school hence the inspiration to join that server.)
  • Northern Lights (I met my very first mascot, Rockhopper, on that server at the Pizza Parlor. Did you know that I called my friends on the phone trying to let them know he was online? Sadly, I heard their voicemail on the other end. They were pretty jealous once they were informed that I got to meet him!)
  • Big Surf (I just thought it was a cool name. Plus, I met a lot of penguin pals there.)

Miss the days when the server popularity was widespread?

I could keep chattering, but that’s enough. Let me know your memorable server(s) in the comments or tweet to me on Twitter at @Tech70CP. I would love to hear from you! 🙂

Let’s Discuss: The Invasion of Bots

I am sad to say that today’s Club Penguin is ridden with bots. In the island’s history, they have appeared before, sure, but the current situation is grave. Bots are a discouragement for players, thus possibly influencing them to quit. This is a bad time for bots to strike, because Club Penguin needs to keep their players waiting for Project: Super Secret. Besides that, they are just plain annoying. Clones can easily cover up the real players, dwindling genuine interaction with our community.

Bots have always been unwanted but since last year, they started off promoting Club Penguin’s armies started by fans. Nothing wrong with armies, I am totally okay with them, but using bots breaks the rules and are simply wrong. Then the bot situation worsened: people used bots to advertise Club Penguin Private Servers… on Disney’s Club Penguin! How ironic that Club Penguin does not allow CPPS’s, yet the private server supporters are able to get away with taking advantage of bots to spread the word about joining CPPS’s! Most recently, bot clones have plagued Club Penguin. There is one leader penguin controlling what they say and do. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, they can force the clones to mimic the moves of real players, even those who do NOT want to lead them! This happened yesterday at #TogetherThursday, a weekly celebration of the community. It’s a wonderful chance to spend time with your penguin pals. But uninvited guests decided to crash the party: clones. For a time, they messed with my friend, Pup1one. The creator of the clones somehow got him to lead them. It got really irritating for everybody at #TogetherThursday, except for those trolls who were probably having fun. Poor Pup1one!

Want more instances of bot plagues? There is no shortage of them.

From their emotes, the clones seem sick. Well, I also feel sick.. BECAUSE OF THEM.

Watch clones in action. (They even dare to attack the Zootopia Police Department. Where’s the police when you need them??!)

Why are people wreaking havoc on Club Penguin island with bots and clones? Maybe it’s a message to Club Penguin to bring back the old Club Penguin. Maybe they don’t like the new Club Penguin. Maybe they think they are better than Club Penguin. Maybe they just want to have fun. Whatever the reason, bots in Club Penguin are unacceptable, especially when they make fun of players like Pup1one.

You have the POWER to do something about them! See bots? Report them by first choosing “Rude or Mean” and then “Lying or Cheating.” You can also help Club Penguin by contacting them about the bots you have spotted as well as your concerns, either to their support email: support@clubpenguin.com or tweeting to @clubpenguin. Please do not think that the Club Penguin team do not give a darn, they DO care and are WORKING to get rid of the bots. They are not doing a great job at preventing them from appearing in the first place though. Their prevention system needs refinement. But Club Penguin is concerned about the bots and pays close attention to your bot reports. Still don’t believe me? The other day, Megg confirmed that they are handling the bots.

Want to read more about the bots? I recommend Pup1one’s post in which he wrote about his experience with the troublesome bots and his thoughts. Another excellent post to read is by Dino Boy7 wherein he provides in-depth explanations about bots and how to help Club Penguin. It’s the ideal post to read if you’re new to the bot problem.

We penguins and the Club Penguin team need to cease additional advancing of bots. They are real hindrances. Together, with your help in the fight against bots and Club Penguin’s participation in eliminating bots and hopefully a surefire system preventing them from spawning in the first place, bots can become history!