The Two Eras of Music Jam

Summer is nearing so it’s time to discuss about a classic, beloved, and iconic party of Club Penguin. You know what I’m talking about, it’s Music Jam! Leaf through the yearbooks in the Book Room. Music Jam is present in many of those years. Throughout some of those years, Music Jam has remained the same in a couple of aspects, but for other years, it changed so much that the entire experience is brand new. Since 2008, eight Music Jams entertained the residents of the island.

To me, Music Jam has two eras; the first one starting in the year of 2008 and ending in 2011. The second era began in 2012 to the current year of 2015. There were several distinctive elements of the two eras.

Music Jam of 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 didn’t change drastically as each new Music Jam arrived. Sure, some rooms and music have changed, but generally, they were pretty similar to each other. Those four years had no influences of singers from outside Club Penguin. These Music Jams celebrated the talented, famous musicians of the penguin community. The Penguin Band attended all of them while Cadence visited all except the first year of Music Jam. They were cheered on by the community and even waddled around the island, greeting fans and partying with people. The presence of the Penguin Band and Cadence was at its best during the first four years of Music Jam. Additionally, this era of Music Jam put pure music into the spotlight. All the instruments and sounds that contribute to all music were being celebrated. The Music Maker 3000, invented by Gary (personally one of my favorite inventions by the well-known scientist!), was a key factor of the Music Jams. You could play the music of the drums, electric guitar, maracas, and bass. The Music Maker 3000 was just one example of several other musical interactions. We, the players, got to jam with music. The simple musical instruments were being recognized during the first four Music Jams. The theme wasn’t hit songs of the year, it was simply the power, heart, and soul of music and the instruments.

A video of the 2008 Music Jam:

Playing the Music Maker 3000:

Now, let’s time travel to 2012 and the years afterwards. Music Jam from 2012 to 2015 was very different from the previous ones. It wasn’t the simple, old Music Jam anymore. In 2012, Music Jam was called, “Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam.” For me and many others, the real “ultimate” jam was the old ones, not this 2012 one! CeCe and Rocky from the Disney show, Shake It Up, appeared. Cadence celebrated her new and first official song, “The Party Starts Now,” during this Music Jam. This party focused on hit music, not much of instruments. Penguins could complete challenges, but the interaction wasn’t as stellar as the former Music Jams. However, a couple of the old Music Jam rooms returned, which was a substantial plus! The Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam in 2013 was a mix of Music Jam, the Summer Party, and the Water Party. It was more like a Summer Party and Water Party to me! There were barely any musical attributes. Only when McKenzie and Brady, the stars of the Disney movie Teen Beach Movie performed their songs, there was music. Moving on to the next year, Music Jam 2014 was probably one of the most disliked parties in Club Penguin’s history. Now and then, I still hear conversations about it. Creating music tracks with SoundStudio and sharing them were the only interactions. Otherwise, the only other thing you could do was listen to the music of Cadence and four musicians outside of Club Penguin: Cole Plante, Sabrina Carpenter, Violetta, and Zendaya. The focus was songs, for the most part, from music artists outside Club Penguin. Finally, the Music Jam of 2015 was called the SoundStudio Party. This time, there was some interaction. You visited special party rooms and played music, but it just wasn’t exciting and memorable like the activities of the former Music Jams.

Thinknoodles’s walkthrough of Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam:

Thinknoodles’s walkthrough of Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam:

Thinknoodles’s walkthrough of Music Jam 2014:

1999bloo’s walkthrough of the SoundStudio Party:

For three out of the four parties of the second era, they featured singers and music artists outside Club Penguin, which I think decreases the fun of Music Jams in Club Penguin. If you really, really liked their music, you could just listen to them on YouTube or buy them from a music store. Yes, the Penguin Band and Cadence made appearances in the newer Music Jams too, but they did not have a noteworthy presence. The interaction with music wasn’t good either, especially comparing it with the old Music Jams. Finally, except for the SoundStudio Party, they did not truly celebrate the musical instruments that contributes to all the music that fills your ears. The genuine, unbeatable Music Jams were in the first era, the ones from 2008 to 2011. The people who attended them celebrated pure, simple music and musical instruments. They were the true spirit and heart of Music Jams. This is why I keep requesting Club Penguin for not just any Music Jam, an ORIGINAL Music Jam without any guests outside of Club Penguin.

Which Music Jam was your favorite? Your least favorite? What are some Music Jam memories you have always remembered forever? I’d love to hear your thoughts of Music Jam in the comments below!


Idea: Additional Rooms in the Mall

UPDATE ON JUNE 7: @thepenguincat, a very, very talented Club Penguin fan artist, has illustrated my idea to life. Don’t you think it’s superb? I could never make something as awesome and breathtaking as this! Special thanks to @thepenguincat for creating this beautiful concept of the Sport Shop in the Mall (tip: to see the full image, click the tweet to go to Twitter):

Club Penguin has just released a new room on the island, the Puffle Berry Mall! I sincerely like this new place. Barely anyone visited the Stage in this day and age and it never got updated with new plays. Thus, it is time for something to replace it. What do you like to do in the Mall? My favorite activity is riding the escalator up and down. Hopefully, I don’t get elevator-sick!

Real-life malls have numerous shops, eateries, etc. The Puffle Berry Mall currently does not have separate rooms for these things. Why not add new rooms to the Mall? That’d make the Mall a more interesting and amusing place. Over time, Club Penguin can create new rooms for the Mall. It does not have to be done in a hurry, right? One month, they build one room. A month or two later, they can make another one. The Mall can also be expanded. Perhaps the first floor can be an entirely different room from the second floor once there are enough rooms for each level. The floors can be lengthened too. What rooms would you like to see in the Mall? I would personally love to see a revamped Sport Shop. (Maybe a secret entrance to the EPF can be implemented too, to keep that special quality from the Sport Shop’s past.) The possibilities for new rooms in the Mall are endless. If you have an idea or two or three or ten, send it to the Club Penguin team and who knows, you might see your idea come to reality.

Have fun shopping/riding the escalator/throwing coins everywhere!