Funny Pictures (UPDATED July 1, 2016)

Over time, I have posted a ton of funny pictures on my Twitter account. My friends laughed out loud because of them! Some funny pictures got retweeted numerous times. I have decided to have a collection of my funny pictures here on my blog so you can always view them and always have a good laugh. I will try to post as many as possible. Scroll down for hilarious moments and don’t stop until the page ends!

“I hope I’m getting paid enough for this.” #PenguinStyleModelStruggles


When your invention fails

When your invention fails

A Valentine’s Day card for the Club Penguin player.


Embedded image permalink

I’m in a… thorny situation.

Embedded image permalink

Herbert be like

Embedded image permalink

Ugh, too much cream in my coffee.

Embedded image permalink


Embedded image permalink

I have the funny feeling someone’s watching me…


That beard though.

Lately, there have been a lot of bugs on Club Penguin.


Even before flying into the sky with a jet pack, the mini-game, Jet Pack Adventure, can be dangerous.

The channel surfer.

So close yet so far.

If Sir Topham Hatt was in the musical band, TAS 1000 (they made the iconic song, I’ve Been Delayed).

The perfect Valentine’s Day card for the Club Penguin player.

If you take a quick glance, you may not see anything strange. Look closely and you’ll see it.

Darn, you’ve reached the end of the funny pictures collection. But don’t fear, additional ones are coming! What was your favorite funny picture? Tell me in the comments below!


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