Club Penguin’s Hardest Stamps

352 stamps. 1 big book. How many of them can you complete? Here is my list of the most difficult stamps to achieve:

Desert Chef (Pizzatron 3000)

How to achieve this stamp: Make 40 candy pizzas without any mistakes

Thanks to CP Wikia for all the stamp images in this post.

Pizzatron 3000 is much easier on mobile devices than the computer. (Well, if you have a touchscreen computer, that pretty much solves the problem.) Anyway, because this game is so fast-paced, it isn’t easy being flawless with all 40 orders. You gotta watch out for the ingredients at such a quick speed. Just one extra wrong ingredient messes up the whole attempt! At the same time, that conveyor belt runs at lightning speed (not really, but it feels like it).

Smoothie Master (Smoothie Smash)

How to achieve this stamp: Last 8 minutes in survival mode

You got explosives and anvils bouncing around while trying to stay on top of the fruit. Run into those two obstacles or the conveyor belt itself lowers your health level, but can be filled up by bouncing on fruit. This is another one of those fast-paced games that requires smooth reflexes and much concentration that have to be kept up for a while (8 minutes seems like 8 hours!)

Light Speed Launch (Puffle Launch)

How to achieve this stamp: Complete all 36 levels in under 18 minutes

In each level of Puffle Launch, you have to minimize your completion time as much as you can. Not only do you need skill to do so, but also knowledge of the fastest paths which can be tricky to follow. Luckily, you are timed only for individual levels instead of a whole session of 36 levels, but is nevertheless a hard stamp.

Survivor (Catchin’ Waves)

How to achieve this stamp: Complete Survival Mode

For 10 minutes, you are facing rough waves, strong winds, and super-annoying icebergs, all while surfing up and down to avoid getting crushed by the wave behind you. There is so much to watch at a fast pace. You can wipe out only twice, but that’s all. It’s one of those carpal tunnel stamps… playing too long can hurt your wrist. Watch out!

30 Sea Levels (Puffle Rescue)

How to achieve this stamp: Reach 30 sea levels with 5 full lives

Each time you pass a level, it gets tougher and tougher. Each succeeding level is more rapid than the previous. Throughout gameplay, you can lose lives, but you have to finish the 30th level with all your lives. Your rate of regaining lives has to be more than your rate of losing them. The last few levels of the session become ludicrously fast, so the dangers become more savage. You gotta watch for stinging octopuses swimming around you like sharks (don’t they have anything better to do?) and sinking.

There you have it. In my opinion, these are the most difficult stamps that can currently be obtained. You have heard these thoughts from a player who has earned all stamps. Which of these stamps do you have? Do you have other stamps in mind that are also super hard?



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