12 Years of Club Penguin: 2005-2017

I bet many players who play Club Penguin Island (CPI) are younger than 12 years. Younger than the game itself.

As a penguin, I feel old enough to use a walking cane. Maybe that’s why Scrooge’s cane became an item in CPI. I have been a penguin for over 7 years now. A good portion of my life has been spent on Club Penguin (and Island).

Over these 7 years, I have met friends who come and go, as well as friends who stay for as long as Club Penguin is online. The same with the Club Penguin employees, a lot of the originals have moved on to their own projects, and I have been following them, as well. I always enjoy getting to meet more recent employees on CPI.

In sum, it has been exciting to experience the constant change that is the norm for a game like Club Penguin.

This anniversary is special because for the first time an anniversary has arrived, the original game is offline. However, its the parent of Club Penguin Island and we keep on celebrating being a penguin, no matter which island we are on.

(I must say though, I really wanted to collect a 12th anniversary party hat and read the yearbook!!) If we did have a party hat this year, what would have been its colors, you reckon?

Next year, Club Penguin will turn 13 years old (getting into the teenager years, huh?)

See you on the island, and waddle on.

Check out some of the (okayish… :P) art I have made for previous anniversaries. It’s the thought that counts, right?