Let’s Discuss… Those Unforgettable Servers

You have had some special moments that have occurred on Club Penguin, right? Several examples may include meeting a mascot or staff member for the first time, finishing all the levels of a game, and even your first server that you logged on. I think servers deserve a place in your memory. Here are a few servers that I have treasured and why they have a place in my penguin heart:

  • Thermal (It was my first server. At the time, I was learning about thermal energy in school hence the inspiration to join that server.)
  • Northern Lights (I met my very first mascot, Rockhopper, on that server at the Pizza Parlor. Did you know that I called my friends on the phone trying to let them know he was online? Sadly, I heard their voicemail on the other end. They were pretty jealous once they were informed that I got to meet him!)
  • Big Surf (I just thought it was a cool name. Plus, I met a lot of penguin pals there.)

Miss the days when the server popularity was widespread?

I could keep chattering, but that’s enough. Let me know your memorable server(s) in the comments or tweet to me on Twitter at @Tech70CP. I would love to hear from you! 🙂


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