Spike Hike’s Next Hike

I normally don’t bring up Club Penguin news, but this is a big one, my friends. Spike Hike aka Chris Heatherly himself has announced that he is departing from Club Penguin AND the Disney Company! What a shocker. There was no warning left for us about his leaving. We are all surprised and had no hint of anticipation for this sudden event, especially while Project: Super Secret is nearing completion. For a while now, Mr. Heatherly was not too involved in the Club Penguin side of his position while at the Disney Company, but was nevertheless a significant role player of the most recent years of the virtual world. Almost four years ago, he announced his arrival on the snowy shores of Club Penguin on the What’s New blog. Read his announcement regarding his departure here.

I love his pink mohawk soooo much, I decided to dedicate one of my fan arts to it. :P

I love his pink mohawk soooo much, I decided to dedicate one of my fan arts to it. 😛

I feel like Spike Hike is underappreciated. Some community members want the “old Club Penguin” back rather than giving Spike a chance to release the “new Club Penguin.” Look, we haven’t even got to experience the new CP yet, and yet he is receiving so much criticism that he doesn’t deserve. Perhaps he isn’t a Club Penguin aficionado, but he cares about the players, the staff members, and the future of the game. Sure, the current game is falling apart with bugs, bots, etc. And yeah, Project: Super Secret has been constantly delayed. Also, many months back, Spike let us know about new features in Club Penguin that would come out in the future that never happened. Another note is that he doesn’t tweet often with us and come online on Club Penguin often at all, but that’s understandable since he has his hands full with other Disney games, like Disney Crossy Road. Things change and sometimes, not every decision can be fulfilled in the future. I respect Spike Hike for modernizing Club Penguin and striving to have its place in the world of mobile games. Perhaps some of you don’t like what Spike Hike did for Club Penguin, but I, Tech70, certainly do.

Spike Hike, if you are reading this, there are many penguins in this community who truly appreciate what you have done for us, especially with making Club Penguin up-to-date. We wish you and your family the best of luck in the future. Enjoy your next adventures. We will certainly enjoy what you have done for Club Penguin once new features and even the “new Club Penguin” itself start to roll in. Everybody misses you, Mr. Heatherly! Hope to see you waddle around once in a while. 🙂


Let’s Discuss… Those Unforgettable Servers

You have had some special moments that have occurred on Club Penguin, right? Several examples may include meeting a mascot or staff member for the first time, finishing all the levels of a game, and even your first server that you logged on. I think servers deserve a place in your memory. Here are a few servers that I have treasured and why they have a place in my penguin heart:

  • Thermal (It was my first server. At the time, I was learning about thermal energy in school hence the inspiration to join that server.)
  • Northern Lights (I met my very first mascot, Rockhopper, on that server at the Pizza Parlor. Did you know that I called my friends on the phone trying to let them know he was online? Sadly, I heard their voicemail on the other end. They were pretty jealous once they were informed that I got to meet him!)
  • Big Surf (I just thought it was a cool name. Plus, I met a lot of penguin pals there.)

Miss the days when the server popularity was widespread?

I could keep chattering, but that’s enough. Let me know your memorable server(s) in the comments or tweet to me on Twitter at @Tech70CP. I would love to hear from you! 🙂