Let’s Discuss: Spreading the Word of Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island is approaching as a reality for CP players. It’s already available for players from some countries who were fortunate enough to be chosen for the geo-beta.

The scope of people who are aware of Club Penguin Island needs to grow. For that to occur, Club Penguin must spread the word about its fresh, all-new game. I have noticed that there has been some conversations in the CP community regarding ways to make this possible. I examine each way, from my perspective!

Social media promotion: Social media usage is constantly ongoing, nowadays. However, consider the audience. Supposedly if social media age rules were followed by everybody, people who are teens and older would be impacted. Club Penguin Island advertisements on social media would be contradictory to the Club Penguin Island age target, which is especially targeted for younger kids. In my opinion, it is not the most effective method of spreading the word, but I see some advantages, anyhow. Firstly, teenagers and even adults who have played Club Penguin in the past can be informed about this upcoming game (and as we know, it’s very difficult to let go of Club Penguin in your heart!). Therefore, they could be curious to learn more about CPI and even try it out. What’s more, they could tell their friends who were former CP players and increase the spread!

Television commercials: People in this era of increasing social media activity still watch TV (probably because they want to post their opinion of the latest TV episodes ;P). Anyway, Club Penguin commercials and even original TV specials have aired on Disney Channel before. Why not have CPI commercials on there, too? It is very likely that Disney audiences have at least some familiarity with Club Penguin. When they hear the news of Club Penguin Island, that could get the new game’s audience numbers growing! Heck, CPI commercials are not limited to Disney Channel. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are other possible kid-oriented channels to air these TV commercials. Frankly, I cannot think of any drawbacks of this way of spreading the word.

Club Penguin appearances on Disney Channel "was" common. Can we turn that into "is still common"?

Club Penguin appearances on Disney Channel “was” common. Can that be turned into “is still” common?

Word of mouth: Use the saying, “spread the word” literally. Way back then, when the original Club Penguin was new, the main form of communication was word of mouth. It satisfied a lot of players, who would then let their pals know what an awesome game it was, leading to a rise in player numbers! Let us hope that Club Penguin Island can match the level of satisfaction that the original was able to achieve and convince players to communicate Club Penguin Island to more people. That leads to the only possible drawback I can think of.. it was effective back then, but what about this new game? If I was the Club Penguin team, I would not depend on word of mouth to bring new players to Club Penguin Island.

It would be ideal to have all three of these ways of spreading the word executed and maybe others to bring Club Penguin Island into the knowledge of as many people as possible. The Club Penguin team and Disney must take CPI seriously. After all, CPI has taken years and years, with delays, long waits, and risks by slacking off from their main game, and more, to come to life. If they want to ensure the success and longevity of CPI and the whole Club Penguin universe and legacy, spreading the word is one of the most essential actions they must take.


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