Looking Back at 2015

It’s still 2015, but not for long. 2016 is coming soon, and probably sooner that most of us think. 2015’s been quite a year for Club Penguin! No, we didn’t get Card-Jitsu Shadow, and also no release of the highly anticipated Project Super Secret, but amazing things have happened in these 12 months. I’ll be discussing about the second half of 2015 in this post. To read my discussion about the first half, read this post.

My opinion of the second half of 2015: Simply put, it’s better than the first half! Not all, but a lot of the parties were great!  We’ve seen obvious signs that Club Penguin is listening to our opinions to make desired improvements and additions to the game.

File:Crazy Construction.png

2015: Improvements made! (Image credit to Club Penguin Wikia.)

For example, the EPF made a return in Operation: Crustacean in November. For years, penguin players have been asking for a new operation, which hasn’t been seen since Operation: Puffle in 2013. 2015 is when those wishes came true! Although it wasn’t a huge hit and it definitely lacked compared to previous operations, most of us are glad that they have finally made a return after a long hiatus.

In this past half year, there have been two takeovers: Inside Out and the Descendants. I wasn’t a huge fan of any of them, but Inside Out was easily the best one out of the two, since players could play some activities and more party rooms were made. Speaking of takeovers, none of them impressed me this entire year. Oh well!

Myself, I’m not a fashionable person (or penguin, rather) but I thought that the Fashion Festival in August and September was a fun event. Before this party came into existence, outfit theme contests were hosted by penguins in the community in their igloos. Club Penguin then made this an official event! To check out all the unique costumes and submit my own was pretty cool. (I have to admit, I came online almost every day so I could see how many people voted for my outfits. :P) Plus, Dot finally became a mascot that penguins could meet, talk to, add to their Friends List, and collect her background, although her new appearance, especially with that stylish new look, was totally unexpected, but at the same time, it’s totally fine.

The mini-events (Talk Like a Pirate Day and the Mustache one) added charm to the island, although they were easily forgotten after they have ended, but it kept players entertained while waiting for more significant events.

Without further ado, the best parties of not only this half of the year, but the ENTIRE year, are… *drumroll* THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY AND THE HALLOWEEN PARTY!! I know that many of you think this, too, from what I’ve seen in the Twitter stream. Club Penguin got it right with their celebration of being 10 years old. They brought back some of the oldest and most classic rooms as well as the more modern ones. Old players got to relive these memories, new players had a rare chance to waddle around these rooms. Everyone’s a winner. What’s more, the upcoming party, the Halloween Party, connected with the 10th Anniversary celebration in terms of story. Those tour guide robots in the anniversary became berserk during the Halloween Party. Who was the culprit? None other than Herbert and Klutzy. We had to get the island back to normal. Club Penguin did an excellent job with these two parties, making them my ultimate favorites for this year.

2015 has ended with a fantastic party: the annual Holiday Party. Club Penguin stepped it up this year! The Merry Walrus Party the previous year didn’t bring so much and many got disappointed with it. Again, the CP team has been eagerly listening to our opinions and put them into action with the 2015 Holiday Party. This was one of the best events of the year, by far. The most significant aspect were the room decorations, as far as the eye could see. Pretty much the entire island was decorated, with the exception of the Dojo, the underground, and some other rooms.  Even the main Operation: Crustacean rooms had some holiday touches, which I did not see coming. Relax, sip a cup of hot chocolate, and watch the Northern Lights (which were animated, hooray!). The joyful party on Club Penguin was a great event to attend.

Let’s compare 2015 with past years. In general, I still think that 2010, 2011, and 2012 were the best of the best, from my experience. However, in the modernized Club Penguin era, 2015 is better than 2013 and 2014. Why? During 2013 and 2014, quite a few of us were not satisfied with the way things were going, such as pins that were too easy to find = boring. Guess what? This year, Club Penguin listened, as always, and hid pins cleverly and reduced their size. Story plots also seemed to be more evident this year.

We’ve looked back at 2015. Now let’s look forward to 2016, and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE… Project Super Secret.


It’s Winter in CP… or it is Not?

Why am I posing such a question? Well, you’re in for a detailed, comprehensive explanation!

Because it’s December, something just occurred to me. Right now in Club Penguin, it is winter. So what’s so complex about that? In Club Penguin, needless to say, we are penguins. BUT aren’t penguins living in the southern hemisphere of the globe, where it is currently SUMMER? Instead of making hot chocolate, we penguins should be sipping smoothies and fruit juice with a little umbrella. Instead of making snowmen, we should be crafting sand castles (I’m sure Olaf would love this!) Club Penguin must have some magical properties, because it is winter in a hemisphere that is currently in the summer. However, Herbert P. Bear must be feeling right at home, because he is originally from the northern hemisphere, where it is winter at the moment, and the polar bear is living the winter life in Club Penguin. In short, Club Penguin is an island in the southern hemisphere experiencing conditions and seasons of the northern hemisphere. Neat, ain’t it?

It's December and we should be slurping coconut juice instead of drinking hot chocolate.

It’s December and we penguins should be slurping coconut juice instead of drinking hot chocolate.

Note: In reality, the HQ of Club Penguin is in Canada, in the northern hemisphere, which is why seasons of Club Penguin follow northern hemisphere seasons. This post is just a fantastical one that explains the seasons in an in-game reasoning and not taking real-world situations into account.

Have any thoughts about this topic or if you like blog posts such as this? Comment below! 🙂