Slow Down and Enjoy the Holidays on CP

Club Penguin Island, CP’s upcoming game, has been released as a beta, but only officially to Australia and New Zealand. Notice I said, “only officially”, but many players who do not reside in these nations have found a way to play CP Island, as well. Now, I do not know the consequences of taking such actions and I do not how serious they are.

Anyway, I have not taken this path although I am completely stoked for CPI. I will only play CPI when it legitimately launches worldwide. Why? Mainly because I am savoring what our current Club Penguin game is offering us. The Holiday Party this year is pretty much almost the same as years before, but I still enjoy living in the traditions. Who knows if this is the last Holiday Party of this kind? What if Rockhopper won’t make character appearances anymore? Will the famous and fun game, Treasure Hunt, cease to exist? What will happen to Coins for Change? Whether the traditional Holiday Party will still be on next year in 2017 or not, I am just going to enjoy our current Club Penguin and the Holiday Party’s festivities rather than play Club Penguin Island. Find me… not on Club Penguin Island like lots of players. It is more likely that you will find me sipping some hot cocoa in the Coffee Shop or playing Treasure Hunt in Captain Rockhopper’s Quarters.


Second Half of 2016 Review

It’s December. Therefore, it’s the end of another year and it’s time for me to review the other half of this year on Club Penguin! You can read what I had to say about the first half of 2016 here.

Parties following the Zootopia Party (which lasted from May to July) are the Finding Dory Party, Frozen Fever Party, Halloween Party, 11th Anniversary Party, Music Jam of 2016, and the Holiday Party of 2016. I will be frank and say that I barely spent any time at such parties, but does not hinder my review in any way.

Takeovers were there just to satisfy Club Penguin’s promise of monthly parties. They have been extremely occupied with Club Penguin Island, a brand-new CP experience. The Finding Dory Party introduced new rooms and new costumes, but that was about it. The fun depended on role-playing and imagination. What Club Penguin produced for the Finding Dory Party was nothing too substantial, but I nevertheless applaud them for taking precious time to make those new rooms and clothing items. The Frozen Fever Party returned (yes, again). Nothing new there, nothing much to say except that I caught a cold with this party and I needed a remedy.

A pretty helpful remedy was the next party, the annual Halloween Party! But just like the Frozen Fever Party, anything new was not found. However, I still enjoy the classic experience. The 11th Anniversary occurred in October, as well. Just like most anniversaries, it appeared only in the Coffee Shop and was mostly generic except for the fact that CP has turned 11 years old, an honorable thing to know for a virtual world.

Next up was Music Jam, and it was absolutely my favorite party this year! What was new here? Just clothing items. But what made this party truly remarkable was that it had the perfect combination of the classic and newer Music Jams. For instance, we had the chance to explore the Backstage and the Orca Straw (the classic) as well as the Music Cruise (the new) and so much more.

Thanks to the CP Wikia for the image.

Thanks to the CP Wikia for the image.

The final party is the annual Holiday Party, which is going on during the time that this blog post was released. The good old rooms and experiences returned for us to enjoy during this merry season. My favorite parts are Coins for Change (let’s keep helping our communities and our world!) and the new clothing items.

What made the second-half of 2016 quite special was the unexpected departure of Spike Hike, Megg’s entertaining new video series called Island Insider, and probably the most prominent, Club Penguin Island!! No more Project: Super Secret. After years of bland parties, all that waiting was worth it! It brings a fresh, 3D experience that surely will impress young players and longtime veterans. I am extremely hyped for this new game to release publicly and globally. What will never change though is the Club Penguin community’s kindness and patience and the CP team’s effort and love for the community and its game.