Tech70’s Penlympic Event

As you probably know, the world’s countries are cheering on their best athletes who are competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. We all wish that Club Penguin could have their own event right now to join in the Olympic craze, but unfortunately they never did. They could have returned the 2006 Sports Party. *shrugs*

Nearly 10 years ago!

Nearly 10 years ago!

But who says that the players can’t create their own Olympic-inspired events? Therefore, I will be hosting one on the 21st of this month (Sunday). Check out the details below:

  • Event: The Mancala and Foot Race Penlympics
  • Date: August 21, 2016
  • Time: 12:30 PM PST-1:00 PM PST
  • Server: Marshmallow

Mancala Details (first 15 minutes):

  • This is not much of a physical sport, but rather, a sport of thinking!
  • We will be in the Book Room the whole time.
  • There will be no system of assigning opponents. Just join a free game of Mancala whenever available. If there isn’t enough room for a Mancala game, please wait until a spot is open!

Foot Race Day Details (last 15 minutes):

  • How fast can you run?
  • Dress up like you’re ready to run! Get out those sweatbands and running shoes!
  • 1st race: the Dock to the Cove
  • 2nd race: the Cove to the Dojo
  • 3rd race: the Dojo to the Boiler Room
  • 4th race: the Boiler Room to the Hidden Lake
  • We will all start in the same area in each starting room. I will tell everybody where to start. Don’t try getting close to the door entrances when starting! After all, one of the most important aspects of these sporting events is fairness.
  • Once the end room loads for you, you don’t have to run to a specific spot. You’ve finished the race!

The awards of competing in the Penlympics: Nothing tangible like medals, just fun and competitiveness with fellow penguin athletes. The best part is that everyone wins.

If everybody is fair, then everybody has fun. Don’t ruin these events by breaking the rules, especially in the foot race.

Let the Penlympic games begin! *tweets whistle*

Club Penguin’s Hardest Stamps

352 stamps. 1 big book. How many of them can you complete? Here is my list of the most difficult stamps to achieve:

Desert Chef (Pizzatron 3000)

How to achieve this stamp: Make 40 candy pizzas without any mistakes

Thanks to CP Wikia for all the stamp images in this post.

Pizzatron 3000 is much easier on mobile devices than the computer. (Well, if you have a touchscreen computer, that pretty much solves the problem.) Anyway, because this game is so fast-paced, it isn’t easy being flawless with all 40 orders. You gotta watch out for the ingredients at such a quick speed. Just one extra wrong ingredient messes up the whole attempt! At the same time, that conveyor belt runs at lightning speed (not really, but it feels like it).

Smoothie Master (Smoothie Smash)

How to achieve this stamp: Last 8 minutes in survival mode

You got explosives and anvils bouncing around while trying to stay on top of the fruit. Run into those two obstacles or the conveyor belt itself lowers your health level, but can be filled up by bouncing on fruit. This is another one of those fast-paced games that requires smooth reflexes and much concentration that have to be kept up for a while (8 minutes seems like 8 hours!)

Light Speed Launch (Puffle Launch)

How to achieve this stamp: Complete all 36 levels in under 18 minutes

In each level of Puffle Launch, you have to minimize your completion time as much as you can. Not only do you need skill to do so, but also knowledge of the fastest paths which can be tricky to follow. Luckily, you are timed only for individual levels instead of a whole session of 36 levels, but is nevertheless a hard stamp.

Survivor (Catchin’ Waves)

How to achieve this stamp: Complete Survival Mode

For 10 minutes, you are facing rough waves, strong winds, and super-annoying icebergs, all while surfing up and down to avoid getting crushed by the wave behind you. There is so much to watch at a fast pace. You can wipe out only twice, but that’s all. It’s one of those carpal tunnel stamps… playing too long can hurt your wrist. Watch out!

30 Sea Levels (Puffle Rescue)

How to achieve this stamp: Reach 30 sea levels with 5 full lives

Each time you pass a level, it gets tougher and tougher. Each succeeding level is more rapid than the previous. Throughout gameplay, you can lose lives, but you have to finish the 30th level with all your lives. Your rate of regaining lives has to be more than your rate of losing them. The last few levels of the session become ludicrously fast, so the dangers become more savage. You gotta watch for stinging octopuses swimming around you like sharks (don’t they have anything better to do?) and sinking.

There you have it. In my opinion, these are the most difficult stamps that can currently be obtained. You have heard these thoughts from a player who has earned all stamps. Which of these stamps do you have? Do you have other stamps in mind that are also super hard?


Tech70: 6 Years as a Penguin

Exactly six years ago (2010), I came to, signed up for the game, and became a penguin. At that time, little did I know how much Club Penguin and its community would forever leave an extraordinary, undeniable impact on my life. While I had fun throughout the years, I also self-taught myself several abilities, like video production. I admire the penguins in this community for their talent and kindness, which is one of the main reasons why I’ve stayed with Club Penguin for so long. 7th year as a penguin, here I come! (Click here for in-depth descriptions of my adventures.)

Smiles all around! Last month, I had a blast with my penguin pals during my GAME ON event.

Smiles all around! Last month, I had a blast with my penguin pals during my GAME ON event.

Let’s Discuss: The Invasion of Bots

I am sad to say that today’s Club Penguin is ridden with bots. In the island’s history, they have appeared before, sure, but the current situation is grave. Bots are a discouragement for players, thus possibly influencing them to quit. This is a bad time for bots to strike, because Club Penguin needs to keep their players waiting for Project: Super Secret. Besides that, they are just plain annoying. Clones can easily cover up the real players, dwindling genuine interaction with our community.

Bots have always been unwanted but since last year, they started off promoting Club Penguin’s armies started by fans. Nothing wrong with armies, I am totally okay with them, but using bots breaks the rules and are simply wrong. Then the bot situation worsened: people used bots to advertise Club Penguin Private Servers… on Disney’s Club Penguin! How ironic that Club Penguin does not allow CPPS’s, yet the private server supporters are able to get away with taking advantage of bots to spread the word about joining CPPS’s! Most recently, bot clones have plagued Club Penguin. There is one leader penguin controlling what they say and do. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, they can force the clones to mimic the moves of real players, even those who do NOT want to lead them! This happened yesterday at #TogetherThursday, a weekly celebration of the community. It’s a wonderful chance to spend time with your penguin pals. But uninvited guests decided to crash the party: clones. For a time, they messed with my friend, Pup1one. The creator of the clones somehow got him to lead them. It got really irritating for everybody at #TogetherThursday, except for those trolls who were probably having fun. Poor Pup1one!

Want more instances of bot plagues? There is no shortage of them.

From their emotes, the clones seem sick. Well, I also feel sick.. BECAUSE OF THEM.

Watch clones in action. (They even dare to attack the Zootopia Police Department. Where’s the police when you need them??!)

Why are people wreaking havoc on Club Penguin island with bots and clones? Maybe it’s a message to Club Penguin to bring back the old Club Penguin. Maybe they don’t like the new Club Penguin. Maybe they think they are better than Club Penguin. Maybe they just want to have fun. Whatever the reason, bots in Club Penguin are unacceptable, especially when they make fun of players like Pup1one.

You have the POWER to do something about them! See bots? Report them by first choosing “Rude or Mean” and then “Lying or Cheating.” You can also help Club Penguin by contacting them about the bots you have spotted as well as your concerns, either to their support email: or tweeting to @clubpenguin. Please do not think that the Club Penguin team do not give a darn, they DO care and are WORKING to get rid of the bots. They are not doing a great job at preventing them from appearing in the first place though. Their prevention system needs refinement. But Club Penguin is concerned about the bots and pays close attention to your bot reports. Still don’t believe me? The other day, Megg confirmed that they are handling the bots.

Want to read more about the bots? I recommend Pup1one’s post in which he wrote about his experience with the troublesome bots and his thoughts. Another excellent post to read is by Dino Boy7 wherein he provides in-depth explanations about bots and how to help Club Penguin. It’s the ideal post to read if you’re new to the bot problem.

We penguins and the Club Penguin team need to cease additional advancing of bots. They are real hindrances. Together, with your help in the fight against bots and Club Penguin’s participation in eliminating bots and hopefully a surefire system preventing them from spawning in the first place, bots can become history!


First Half of 2016 Review

As of the posting date, six months hasn’t fully gone by yet since the start of 2016, but nothing else is really happening for the rest of June in Club Penguin, so I shall just begin my review. Anyways…

A half of 2016 is just about over! I can barely grasp that fact, it seems like time is going by so fast nowadays. In that span of six months, Club Penguin has provided us with five parties/events: the Prehistoric Party, Operation: Doom/Tri-umph, Puffle Party, Wilderness Expedition, and Zootopia Party. This is gonna be a pretty short review since I believe that most of these parties were made just to make up for monthly events as CP has promised players while spending the majority of their time on PSS. Since nearly all their focus is on the NEW Club Penguin experience, Project: Super Secret, not much effort has been put into these parties. The Prehistoric Party was mainly a rerun, the EPF operation was quite dull and presented no challenges, the Wilderness Expedition had a somewhat interesting story involving Sasquatch but didn’t have much to explore, and the Zootopia Party has some awesome rooms but can get monotonous as it’s a 7-week-long party (unless you use your imagination, which never fails to be fun). The Puffle Party, although another rerun, was my favorite party of the year so far, because of it’s colorful, inviting rooms as well as some newness to it, such as hide-and-seek games and parades (tell me, who DOESN’T like parades, especially ones featuring PUFFLES??!).

A classic room of the 2016 Puffle Party. I bet you can’t resist those water slides. Image credit: CP Wikia

I don’t mind that these parties are small, continuous, or boring though. I have no complaints about them. As long as Club Penguin is working hard to getting Project: Super Secret to becoming Project: DONE, then I am okay with their events, no matter what conditions they are. I completely understand that PSS has been their main goal for a long time. Compared to other years, 2016 hasn’t been that fun yet. But that’s fine with PSS in the works!