Retirement from Club Penguin Island, and a Huge Island-Sized Thanks

Yes, I have decided to retire from Club Penguin Island (CPI). A whole year has passed since CPI opened publicly. I have planned for months to retire after their first anniversary. Club Penguin Island, as of now, has not been my favorite game to play. That being said, I understand it is still a young place where many things have yet to come.

But for me, I don’t enjoy the game at the level that classic Club Penguin did for me. After all, while it is Club Penguin as an entity, CPI is all-new. Though, in any stage of Club Penguin’s longevity, I EMBRACE the idea that Club Penguin is trying entirely new things for their new game. I truly hope that CPI will become more and more popular as time goes by. Keep up the lovely work, CP team. And to the CPI community, continue to do your splendid work in growing the island. You all amaze me with your talents, whether you play or work at Club Penguin.

It is time for me to move on. Now that I am older, my responsibilities and obligations have grown in importance and amount. I spend much more time offline than online. Despite having a hectic schedule, I enjoy new experiences and challenges. But I don’t want this blog post to be just about me retiring from CPI.

Club Penguin’s Legacy

You know by now that Club Penguin has immensely influenced millions of lives all across our planet, even those who have stopped playing Club Penguin. It teaches us to be altruistic in your own communities. When we donate to Coins for Change or help a new penguin get adjusted to the Club Penguin atmosphere… and many more actions… we are already stepping into others’ shoes to give our time for others.

Club Penguin may have inspired us to invest our time in a specific career. Maybe  as graphic designers. Or video producers. Or writers. Or computer programmers. Or music composers. Or managers. Club Penguin may have actually prepared you for a job more than others around you. I certainly think that Club Penguin has done that to me.

The Club Penguin attitude has always been about having fun, even if you could take five minutes out of your day to do so. Just because you are a teenager or adult does not mean that you can’t have fun. I will always cherish the little kid part of me. And you should too! Fun should not be defined by age.


Again, I have retired from Club Penguin. But NOT quit Club Penguin. You can read more about what I really think “quitting Club Penguin” means. It is one of my most popular posts. In essence, quitting Club Penguin is NOT the same as coming back once in a while to play and chat with friends in the virtual world. And that’s the very thing I plan to do later on. If you decided to read that old article I wrote, you noticed that I said that I was never going to stop playing Club Penguin. Well, that was written almost three years ago.

It is likely that there are some players who previously thought they were going to play CP forever. Later in life though, based on countless aspects of the changing times, they have had second thoughts on that, as I have been.

So Where Will Tech70 Be After CPI Retirement?

I will still be on Twitter with the same account, same handle. You can always send a tweet or message to me. In my feed, I won’t be talking about Club Penguin stuff that much. I want to make my profile more Epic Snails-themed. It is a new game created by Club Penguin’s creator, Lance Priebe/RocketSnail. I only play about twice a week, this game, but I really do enjoy it. I hope you consider trying Epic Snails. You are a snail who can chat in a chatroom, battle in the backyard, and dress up your snail (some clothing items are flashbacks from old CP!). When I am playing games in my little amount of spare time, it is on Epic Snails.

Most of my time will be offline, as it has been for a long time already.

Club Penguin community, penguin pals, Club Penguin team, thank you for giving my childhood something that no experience can replicate. Thank you for lending a guide towards my career in mind. Thank you for the fun times. Thank you for your friendship.

This is in no way a goodbye, but more of a good-ol-fashioned waddle on.


Fossil Four Tournament Results and Outcome

Event screenshots, Tech70’s stats, why I hosted it in the Sea Caves entrance, and more…

Today, I hosted a Fossil Four Tournament. It was a humongous success! We played LOTS of Fossil Four, I gave away a lot of party blasters and food (pretty much emptying my party supply inventory), we sled raced at the unofficial end of the event, and I was touched by everyone’s generosity and best wishes.

Many penguins attended. Thank you to each and every one of you (even if I did not get a chance to play Fossil Four with you).

Below are my personal stats with everyone that I played with:


  • C0mputerguy (I won 4 games, lost 1)
  • 1Constance1 (I won 1)
  • Wicked Wickz (I won 1)
  • Kimberlou (I won 1)
  • IceWizard (I won 1)
  • X Tina X (I won 2)
  • Bluey1709 (I won 1)
  • Ski With Me (I won 1)
  • TheBoardDude (I won 3)
  • Blue Thing102 (I won 1)
  • Babycrier (I won 1)

TOTALS: Won 17, lost once

Special thanks to C0mputerguy, Ski With Me, Blue Thing102, and TheBoardDude for staying even after the event officially ended!

Fossil Four Tournament Screenshots

Why did I host a Fossil Four tournament in the Sea Caves entrance? I wanted to somehow tribute it to the old Ski Lodge and Attic. It is cozy, quiet, and has two floors.

I am going to guess this is the last CP/CPI event I will ever host (but that could change). Next week, during the festivities of Club Penguin Island’s first anniversary, I will release my post that talks about my Club Penguin retirement.

Waddle on!

12 Years of Club Penguin: 2005-2017

I bet many players who play Club Penguin Island (CPI) are younger than 12 years. Younger than the game itself.

As a penguin, I feel old enough to use a walking cane. Maybe that’s why Scrooge’s cane became an item in CPI. I have been a penguin for over 7 years now. A good portion of my life has been spent on Club Penguin (and Island).

Over these 7 years, I have met friends who come and go, as well as friends who stay for as long as Club Penguin is online. The same with the Club Penguin employees, a lot of the originals have moved on to their own projects, and I have been following them, as well. I always enjoy getting to meet more recent employees on CPI.

In sum, it has been exciting to experience the constant change that is the norm for a game like Club Penguin.

This anniversary is special because for the first time an anniversary has arrived, the original game is offline. However, its the parent of Club Penguin Island and we keep on celebrating being a penguin, no matter which island we are on.

(I must say though, I really wanted to collect a 12th anniversary party hat and read the yearbook!!) If we did have a party hat this year, what would have been its colors, you reckon?

Next year, Club Penguin will turn 13 years old (getting into the teenager years, huh?)

See you on the island, and waddle on.

Check out some of the (okayish… :P) art I have made for previous anniversaries. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Island Inhabitant #5: How Games in Club Penguin Island Can Improve

Club Penguin Island is getting a start as a game-filled island. As an avid gamer, I see that there is much room for improvement with games. That is understandable because CPI is in its early stages, just as the Flash version was, so don’t be too hard on CPI. Based on the status of CPI’s games at the moment, please read the following advice I would like to suggest to the Club Penguin team. 🙂

Suggestion #1: User input outside trackpad and action button: There are several games in CPI currently: Ink or Swim, Tilt-o-Tube, Marble Hunt, Sea Cave Races, and Tube Races. Even though they are all very different and distinctive games, they all have one thing in common: players use the trackpad and/or the action button to play. I feel quite limited since there are just two user inputs. The exception is the Crate Co snowball game that uses the snowball button too. However, I still feel limited with user input. Let’s move outside of these buttons. There are many possibilities for user input, so I feel this is the greatest fault for current CPI games.

Suggestion #2: Leave the island world: The games of CPI all occur while you are on the island, in the rooms. Let’s leave the rooms for an environment made just for the game. To clarify, it would be the likes of Cart Surfer, Jet Pack Adventure, Bean Counters, etc; you are actually leaving the rooms so you can be enclosed in the game. Creating games with their own atmosphere will take much more time for the CP team. However, it is more interactive and immersive for the player.

Suggestion #3: Incorporate games that get jobs done: Role-playing has always been a CP standard. Why not continue to role-play with games? Games include making pizza, serving food, mopping the Migrator decks, inflating tubes that have gone low with air, etc. There are many ideas to make the island an even more lively place with games.

Suggestion #4: Have several levels in the game: Make the games more of a challenge and fun to last a long time! Introduce difficulty levels and modes.

Suggestion #5: Have achievements available: This is pretty much a throwback to stamp books in the old days. I mean, I will be frank, who does not want to show off what cool things they have accomplished in the games? Plus, players will have more incentive to play and improve themselves.

You may have noticed that all of my suggestions are simply common attributes of Flash Club Penguin mini-games. It’s true, these are what made them great, memorable, and super fun. I have strongly felt that the gaming experience of Flash CP has surpassed CPI by a landslide.

See, I am a bit confused. Are CPI games trying to be different from CP games? Or is there simply not enough time to create full-scale games in CPI? Anyway, I completely understand that CPI is only a couple of months old for the public. I hope to see these improvements with CPI games in the upcoming months. 🙂

Flash(back) Club Penguin #4: A Meggnificent History Lesson

This history lesson is anything but boring. Why, you ask? The subject is… Megg, also known as Bobbi! You probably already know that she is leaving the Club Penguin team after four years. Back then, some older penguins and I got the opportunity to experience Bobbi’s journey from the beginning as a penguin named Megg.

If you were there, then this should be a nice refresher! If the following history is new to you, I hope you are able to imagine the journey as if you were there to experience it. I have noticed in the modern CP Twitter community that many of you may not have been active in those earlier years of Megg’s journey. I will try to explain the history as clearly as possible, since I was present and active back then. Maybe you can grade your history teacher for today’s lecture. 😉 It’s gonna be fun and will have loads of media and pictures for you to soak in. I hope you learn new things from Megg’s journey from what I wrote based on my experience and the archives from the helpful people from the Club Penguin Fan Wikia.


Back in 2013, Megg was not as well-known as she has become. Two employees, Chris Gliddon and Johnny Jansen, known by their penguin names as Polo Field and Businesmoose, respectively, were the key figures representing the community. They were famous for their fun sneak peek videos. This is one of my favorites:

The Club Penguin fan community started to become aware of a person named Megg through some public Twitter posts from the Club Penguin account in October 2013.

As an intern, she even met the co-creator of Club Penguin, Lance Priebe!

Interesting fact: At this time, the community thought her real name was Megg. I forgot exactly when we learned it was Bobbi.

Her presence became very evident when a Club Penguin original web series came out in December 2013. This series was called the Spoiler Alert. It was a goofy way to… well, the name says it all, spoil what was coming in the updates.

It was also during this time that the Club Penguin team was represented by a new team: Polo Field/Chris, Megg/Bobbi, and Ninja/Cory. Polo Field, the community manager, and Ninja, the video specialist, were her mentors while she was new at the Club Penguin company.


In January, her presence immensely grew! And so was her popularity amongst the community. She was not only one of the main hosts of the Spoiler Alert, she also unleashed the…

This was her way of seriously introducing herself to the community! It was fun for all of us. Basically, she was the manager of Club Penguin for a few days, letting Spike Hike have, I guess, a little vacation from his position. Additionally, fans made outfits so that they would resemble hers as closely as possible. There was more involved, but that’s the gist of this takeover. 😛 (And when you thought all takeovers were affiliated with Disney products… wrong!)

Even the English language had been taken over by the one and only Megg.

I even made this ridiculous and somehow pleasurable-to-look-at Megg Superhero Takeover thingy. I thought she was just as amazing as a superhero! (I never was a big fan of Marvel anyway).

Megg was being increasingly active online on Club Penguin during this time, too. It had been a great experience to help out the intern while we met and chatted with her.

Megg had also been taking over Ninja/Cory’s Twitter account for quite a while, which lasted much longer than the Megg Takeover. Ninja had not been using it much and Megg insisted that she did not need her own Club Penguin Twitter account. We’ll see about THAT! After some time, she was using Twitter on a frequent basis, so she made @clubmegg. You can still read her tweets from there. The account was very active during 2014, but in early 2015, it slowed down and eventually, she stopped tweeting from there altogether. This was because well-known Club Penguin employees had their own Twitter accounts, but they made the decision to tweet together from one place only, from the Club Penguin Twitter account. The purpose was to remove the feeling of being spread around Twitter too much as representatives of the team.

For a reason I am not aware of, Ninja’s Twitter account was deleted some time ago and now no longer exists. The handle was @ninjachat3.

We had fears that she would leave the team early since she was an intern. However, in September of this same year, those fears became a thing of the past. Megg’s time at CP as an intern were over… because she became an EMPLOYEE! Everybody was so happy for her!

This may be a random fact to you, but she also said “holla” a lot. But not really anymore. Wanna know how big the “holla”thing was at the time? When Billybob/Lane Merrifield, another Club Penguin co-founder, made a special appearance in the Spoiler Alert show, even he said “holla” in a blooper!


In 2015, Megg became the community manager after Polo Field left the Disney Club Penguin company. She has been a wonderful successor as a community manager. Throughout the next couple of years following the eventful 2014, Megg aka Bobbi had represented the community in influential and inspiring ways. As a role model, she has a young and bold personality. Not only was she so fun in the Club Penguin community, she also shares her life of vitality occasionally about her non-penguin life with @BobbehJean. From attending meetups to making videos to chatting with us penguins, she made everybody in the community feel comfortable and happy.

She is a special, amazing person in so many ways. One of these ways is how she is not afraid to admit her mistakes. I noticed this ever since she became an intern. We are not perfect. Bobbi emphasizes through her decision to share her mistakes that it is okay to make them. Not all the time, of course. But we always have room to improve ourselves. I look up to you, Bobbi, for that! Megg is admirable and awesome, for sure.

It’s 2017. As we all know now, she is leaving her job at Club Penguin. Keep in mind she is not leaving the community, though. In other words, she will be moving on to different adventures, but she has not forgotten her past as a penguin. Let’s try to stop the waterworks and instead cheer her on for her past accomplishments, reminisce good times, and wish her the best for her future.

Here is a gallery of the history lesson of Megg for your enjoyment and entertainment with informative captions:

Megg’s first iconic outfit. Who remembers this?


Her second iconic outfit. Most penguins probably remember this.341826823456734


A refresh of her Where’s Waldo outfit in Club Penguin Island with some extra flair.


She was a shining star in the silly Moderator Rap Battle.


Behind the scenes of the making of her famous hoodie-flip scene. From left to right: Cory/Ninja, Bobbi/Megg, Chris/Polo Field. Click here to watch the hilarious, tummy-hurting bloopers of the scene.


The early days of Bobbi at the Club Penguin offices. (This was for a Spoiler Alert episode).MeggCPSpoilerAlertImage


And her several years after that photo. She had a lot of fun in New York City earlier this year!

Thank you for reading. Again, I hope that you learned something new! Since I was there to experience her early days as a penguin, I am very happy to share some cool facts about them. You could also be feeling a lot of nostalgia. I am, too.

Here is my letter to the Meggnificent Megg/Bobbi: