Brief Review: 2016 Puffle Party

Club Penguin’s third party of 2016, the annual Puffle Party, is the best one of the year, up to this point. Why? Although the majority of the party is old, the content can be enjoyed by players new and old. Compared to some of CP’s most recent parties, this one has many activities. Whether you want to transform into a Puffle, adopt every known Puffle in existence, join Puffle parades, search for hiding Puffles, listen to the fantastic soundtrack of the party, or simply waddle around party rooms with penguin’s best friend, you will always find something to do! Imagination is already immense in Club Penguin, but the Puffle Party expands that to a greater extent. Role-playing is extraordinarily fun, because you and your friends can become Puffles. Only during this party can you stumble upon Puffles walking Puffles.

I found my long-lost brother.

This Puffle Party brings back nostalgia for older players and gives newer players a chance to explore this massive and possibly overwhelming party. For players of any age, there is the new Great Puffle Search plus new items to collect. In my opinion, the 2016 Puffle Party has no drawbacks, even though it’s a rerun. After all, Club Penguin’s main focus for a long time has been Project: Super Secret. I would have liked to see the old style Puffle Party return with rooms dedicated to each type of Puffle, but hey, you can’t have everything.

What do you think about the Puffle Party? What is your favorite thing to do there?



Why Project: Super Secret on Mobile is a Top Priority

A popular speculation being highly discussed lately has been if Club Penguin’s Project: Super Secret will have a web version that is playable on a computer. This controversy has members of our community wonder if PSS will only be on mobile and has been upsetting quite a few of us! We all hope that PSS will be available on both platforms. Club Penguin has already released sneak peeks of this super secret project, and so far, it’s looking like PSS will for sure be on mobile. Click here to view CP’s most recent sneak peek. In the video, see how the interface and user interaction is almost certainly mobile? Also, Megg addresses the rumors that have been going around lately about PSS being solely mobile. She reminds us that they are always listening to the community, but does not confirm any details about the availability of PSS.

Again, we all want Project: Super Secret to have its place on both platforms, web and mobile. And let me reassure you that Club Penguin always has their ears open to hear the feedback and opinions of their fans and players! However, if Club Penguin had to release PSS on only one platform, it would HAVE to be mobile. Don’t get me wrong, I really, really want it playable on our computers, too. The number one reason why mobile is THE priority is the current audience. Let’s analyze the audience of today, including older and younger community members. It seems to be that older players prefer the web version. Check out this tweet from one of my penguin pals:

Look at the amount of retweets (web) over likes (mobile)!

Younger players, on the other hand, appear to prefer Club Penguin on mobile. Just recently, I asked some of my younger relatives if they played Club Penguin. They told me that they have before, but only on their mobile devices. Not once did they play CP on the platform from where it began: the computer. They as well as other kids I have talked to don’t even use a computer at home. They rely strongly on their phones and/or tablets to play games. Products of any kind depend on the audience, especially the current one. If kids move to mobile, so does Club Penguin. That’s what they did with the Club Penguin app and Project: Super Secret. Lance Priebe, also known as Rocketsnail, is always reminding us on Twitter that listening to the audience is crucial. He is, without any doubts whatsoever, correct.

It would disappoint many players and me if Club Penguin decided to have PSS as a mobile exclusive. They should have PSS available to play with the web version on the computer… its heritage, where it all started for this snowy island. But mobile cannot be left out. A modern audience = a modern Club Penguin = higher chances of success. If CP releases PSS on mobile first, it doesn’t mean that they are ignoring a possible computer version and may come out with this later. In short, if Club Penguin had to release PSS on one version at first, it would be mobile and I am saying this for the sake of the survival of the game, not my personal opinion. As time passes, the audience changes, so they should adjust. Me, I prefer PSS on the computer, like the majority of the older Club Penguin community. But I am willing to face a chance of PSS being mobile only. I will repeat it again: let’s hope that Project: Super Secret is on the computer and mobile devices. Always keep in mind that Club Penguin is always considering the community first. We may not be happy with all their decisions, but we are part of the Club Penguin journey, which will have its good and not-so-good moments. It will be full of changes, because change is necessary for advancement and improvement as well as the keeping up of its well-being.

Idea: The Club Penguin Live Online Chat!

Have you ever been frustrated with the wait time of the Club Penguin support team’s reply to your email? You are not alone. A few times, you wonder if they ever saw your email. Although I have a nearly impeccable history with their email response times ever since I joined Club Penguin in 2010, I imagine there is another way to efficiently contact Club Penguin.


The Club Penguin Support Team’s Live Online Chat!!

Ask them questions like these, or all sorts of other questions, with a faster response time. Here is an example I created of what this live online chat would look like.

Ask them questions like these, or all sorts of other questions, with a faster response time. Here is an example I created of what this live online chat would look like.

Get quicker response times and solve your problem or find the answers to your concerns faster with this means of contact! Unless you have reasons to send them an email, like a more formal, serious matter you want to address, ask them questions via the live online chat. You could ask them a variety of questions, whether it could be requesting more information about membership to wondering how to care for your Puffles. Or you could suggest them how to improve in the future. Communicating in this way would benefit both you and the Club Penguin support team since it saves more time for you and CP’s support representatives can resolve your concerns faster, giving them more time to help other penguins.

It’s so easy, Rookie could do it while balancing on a tightrope and eating pie at the same time. First, log in with your penguin once you access the live online chat page, similar to logging on when you comment on the What’s New blog and sending them fan art. Then, enter the information that CP requests from you, like the type of question you are asking and so on. Afterwards, wait until a support representative reaches towards helping you, chat with them, and hopefully get your answers in just a couple of minutes! Of course, I am sure Club Penguin would have to implement additional features and attributes to this quick form of contact, but this would be how it would be structured, in general.

Do you think contacting Club Penguin via their own live online chat would be speedy and efficient? Or would you prefer sending them an email? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading. 🙂