A Remarkable Fact About My Birthday

If you didn’t know yet, today’s my birthday. The 29th day of November. What’s really interesting is that my birthdate is the same as the famous co-creator of Club Penguin, Billybob/Lane Merrifield. Yup, I was born on the same day as him. Could it be that it was my destiny to play Club Penguin?

If you’re on Twitter, be sure to say happy birthday to him, too! Send him a tweet celebrating his/mine our special day. @lanemerrifield


How to Become a Stamp Expert

Do you want to earn more stamps? Well, look no further, because here is how to effectively become a master at it! You’re listening to a stamp collector here. I have 352/352 of the stamps (that’s right, all of them) and I’ve experienced the stamp adventure since it came out in 2010.

Just remember the 3 P’s: Practice, Perseverance, and Patience.

PRACTICE: You’ve heard this already, I’m sure, but practice makes perfect. You may not earn a hard/extreme stamp or even a medium one with just a single try. You’ll get the hang of it once you make several attempts. Once you got the flow and perfected all the techniques to reach the stamp, you’ll attain it.

PERSEVERANCE: Believe me, after many tries, it can get discouraging. You can’t let the failed attempts stop you from going any further though. Stopping doesn’t make the situation any better. You gotta keep going! It may take days, weeks, months, or even years, but what seems like the hardest stamp in the world CAN and WILL be earned.

PATIENCE: Sometimes, you get to the point where you’ve been spending a long, long time in one go trying to earn the stamp. Don’t stress yourself out. If you’re feeling the pressure, take a break, cool down, and try again later, like the next day. It ain’t good if you’re getting jittery each time you are so darn close to the stamp, and then you lose the game because of the nervousness. It’s one of those facedesk moments. It’s better to be patient and let the stress disappear to make later attempts in which you’ll be more successful in.

Remember, you don’t need to earn stamps at all. It’s not necessary. But they are personal game achievements and you’ll be proud of all of yours, especially the hardest of the hardest. Stamps are what makes games in Club Penguin fun! I just wish they could make more, but it seems like they’re at a standstill at the moment.

Do you need tips with a particular stamp? Just comment below with the name of the stamp and which stamp category or game it belongs to, and in a week, I will write a new blog post with guides for those stamps. I’m here to happily help with your stamp adventure! 🙂