Why I Have Membership

As a young player years ago, the number one thing I wished for my birthday was Club Penguin membership. It would allow me to access so much more to this vast virtual world. I could buy more clothes, play more games, decorate my igloo, and more. What about now? Well, my mentality on obtaining membership has somewhat changed.

Yes, it is true that membership provides unlimited experiences in Club Penguin. Yes, it decorates your player card (that shiny badge though!) Yes, it makes you feel like you can do anything in Club Penguin you want.

CP - Member badge

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But lately, whenever I purchase membership, I honestly do not take the above benefits into mind, like I did before. Why is this? First of all, everything in Club Penguin is familiar to me now. The newness factor is missing. For example, I finished all available game levels. Regardless, you can always change up your outfit or igloo, but one problem here is that Club Penguin, for now, rarely creates brand new items. Catalogs are basically recycled, meaning that the items that are up for purchase are things that I already have owned. Thus, is membership still worth it? After all, the current Club Penguin is not contributing anything new, making it less worthwhile.

The answer to the above question is YES, membership is still good to have! But for today’s circumstances, I primarily own membership to support the game financially. In my younger years, this was still one of the reasons I had it, but I also took the unlimited access to Club Penguin’s content into mind. Right now, I barely think about the membership benefits in Club Penguin that gives unlimited access. I am puttingĀ more attention to how I love Club Penguin then, and still now, which is why I want to help them by having a membership, especially when their popularity has been declining.

A few notes about this post, hopefully to clarify things:

  • I still play Club Penguin.
  • I still have membership.
  • This post regards the current Club Penguin. I fully understand that Club Penguin is putting more of their work into Project: Super Secret than today’s game. I am just explaining why I have membership as of today, not in the past or the future.

The Top 10 Things You MUST do Before Project: Super Secret

We know so much more about Club Penguin’s ginormous enterprise Project: Super Secret due to communication with Spike Hike via Disney Mix. Some are upset about PSS because of what we have learned, from not having our items carried over to its mobile priority. Let’s make the most of the famous Flash Club Penguin, before it passes the baton to PSS. We still have a long way to go before the official, full PSS comes to our shores, but it’s coming more apparent now that the beta is arriving either this or next month. While waiting, our time can be used to accomplish activities on the good ol’ Flash CP that may not be carried on to Project: Super Secret. Here are some things you MUST do before the Flash Club Penguin discontinues:

  • Meet all the mascots
  • Survive Catchin’ Waves long enough to meet the shark
  • Discover the island’s secrets (finding Rockhopper’s Key is an example… wait I just spoiled the secret… forget I said anything within these parentheses)
  • Adopt all the Puffle species possible
  • Capture the Mullet in Aqua Grabber
  • Host a full or near full party in your igloo
  • Complete the Card-Jitsu saga
  • Appear in the Club Penguin Times newspaper
  • Ask Club Penguin for a 4th Frozen Takeover (just kidding, no way am I serious with this, haha)
  • Make it to the end of Bean Counters so you can earn that bonus paycheck
  • Tip the iceberg (in fact, it’s something WE all have yet to achieve, but time is available)
Submit an artwork to CP's fan art page or send a joke to Aunt Arctic in the newspaper for a chance to get featured in the CP Times!

Submit an artwork to CP’s fan art page or send a joke to Aunt Arctic in the newspaper for a chance to have an appearanceĀ in the CP Times!

How many of these have you completed? Are there more pre-PSS activities that should be added to this list? Let me know in the comments or tweet to me @Tech70CP.