FIND FOUR: Tech70’s Journey; #CPReunion After-Party; Strategies; and More

Believe me, you do NOT want to miss a sentence in this entire post, even though it’s pretty long. This is probably the most thorough Find Four post in the entire Club Penguin blogging community.

You’ll read about my personal story of my time with Find Four, the Find Four craze after the #CPReunion, strategies I have picked up over time (and because classic Club Penguin’s closing soon, this is a good time to reveal them, I suppose) and the importance that this seemingly little game offers.


It started in 2010, when I first joined Club Penguin. I fell in love with this game of strategy the first time I had ever played it in my entire life. From here on out, I would constantly play Find Four and improve myself each time. I would say that for my almost 7 years of playing Find Four, I won most of the time, but I have lost a few times because of silly mistakes of not seeing the obvious or competing against other great Find Four experts!

Three or four years ago, I had been playing Find Four with some players I had met for a couple of hours without taking any breaks. As a result, I got my very FIRST migraine. It was a horrible experience afterwards. For more than a day, all I could think about was CONSTANT pain in my head and I could NOT think straight whatsoever. Luckily, I recovered, but I learned that I should control my usage of playing in front of a screen better.

Hopefully, the journey of Find Four with my penguin pals can continue on Club Penguin Island if the game is added someday.


The after-party #CPReunion was a total blast! It took place in the Lodge Attic with many familiar, old friends. I ensured each Find Four move I made was done with care… SO MUCH care in fact, that I had spent up to two minutes thinking of just which move to make next.

First session:

The Find Four craze after the #CPReunion on server Marshmallow really fired up with three people: Perapin, Chilly0ne, and me. I played some rounds with the both of them and they were not able to beat me. As a result, they were very desperate trying to find somebody who could, haha!

I played many people during their time of desperateness, but I still was victorious in every match, even with those who were known to be champs. There was a tie-game with Riyita, as well… a bit too close for comfort! I am not too sure how long this session was, probably between 1-2 hours, and was super intense for me and my brain.

Second session:

My second session was not-so-great for my record. I had lost five out of the six matches during this, because my next opponents are pros and did their best! Plus, my brain was already worn out.

I had intended to stop playing Find Four after the first session, but then I saw C0mputerguy and Firepup16 on Twitter challenge me to Find Four. Despite the exhaustion from the first round, I still accepted anyway for two reasons: to see who could break my flawless record and playing Find Four on Club Penguin will not be possible after CP closes.

After a 10-minute break from the first session, I came online to server Brumby for the second session with C0mputerguy and Firepup16. C0mputerguy was able to beat me, therefore breaking my record! I was very proud of him, but not surprisingly, I was a little bit sad, too. Ah well! Then, Firepup16 tried to win a match with me, but he did not get to. Still, I could tell by the way he played that he was a fantastic player!

Then, Tommy58562 decided to have a rematch after he had lost in the first session. His effort paid off, he was able to beat me in our second Find Four match, therefore having a tie! Nice work, Tommy!

I started a best-of-3 round with C0mputerguy, and I won the second round. It all goes down to the third round, which C0mputerguy had won! Congratulations, dude! The last person to play with me was Alana Cp, who also beat me fair and square. Another congratulations to this Find Four expert!

By time I was completely done with Find Four for the day, I cannot explain how TIRED and DONE my brain was after too much time thinking about Find Four moves and strategies. But I am glad to have spent these last few and memorable Find Four moments with wonderful and talented pals. I am also glad that my losses in some of the Find Four matches have exemplified that nobody is perfect. 🙂


Just one of the many intense, thrilling Find Four matches! And there’s my iconic wink. Better watch out when that happens.




 Who did not win against me:

  • Chilly0ne (2 games: Tech70 win both)
  • Perapin (2 games: Tech70 won both)
  • Pup1one
  • Mikou
  • Pup1one
  • Waddles4g1
  • Midnight Emo
  • Firepup16

Who won against me:

  • C0mputerguy (best of 3: C0mp won first, Tech70 won second, C0mp won the third)
  • Alana Cp

Who tied with me:

  • Riyita
  • Tommy58562 (2 games: Tech70 won one, Tommy58562 won the next)


Over the years, I have gained more Find Four experiences and learning new tricks, traps, and strategies. I never read a guide on how to win or anything like that, it’s all from experience.

  • If I make this move, what would the opponent’s move be? This is a question that I ask myself all the time for just about every single move that I make, which is why it takes me so long to play a game. I try to figure out the objective of the opponent based on the move they make.
    • Just one move can cost your victory. For example, it could actually HELP the opponent set up their trap. In fact, the opponent could be WAITING for you to move there.
    • Another costly move to quickly make traps, because your move could allow the opponent to block your potential traps.
  • Even two pieces in a row is an early danger and I closely pay attention to them. After all, it could eventually lead to a four-in-a-row.
  • Do not try to set a trap on your own. Just patiently wait for your opponent to land a piece in a spot that will help you.
  • Always try to set traps toward the bottom part of the game, because you need the earliest possible chances of winning.
  • Never try to rush because of peer pressure or something, because Find Four requires thinking, which in turn requires time.
  • Think of the offense versus the defense in sports. It’s like that in Find Four too. Based on the circumstances in the game, should I make a defensive move to protect myself from the other player’s trap? Or should I make an offensive move and set up my trap? Many times, you have to decide one way or the other. Sometimes, a move could serve both purposes… hooray!

What’s the big deal about Find Four?

 Find Four is one of those treasured games that is very easy to play, because the objective is simple and trying to reach that objective is comprehensible, in comparison to other games such as Mancala. Even so, Find Four challenges your mind. You are forced to think for your moves as well as the predictions of your opponent’s thinking.

Also, it is educational in the sense that it is a mathematical game that depends on logic to win.

And Find Four is fun, ’nuff said.

One of the most significant outcomes of playing Find Four is your increased experience with trying to predict what is coming next based on the circumstances presented, whether it be in a game or a situation in your life.

Additionally, other players can be an inspiration for you to improve your gameplay and eventually be as good as they are. Having fun with others while teaching and bettering skills with an easy-to-understand game… Find Four is a meaningful multiplayer game. Let’s hope that our Find Four days as penguins are not numbered. Club Penguin, please move Find Four over to Club Penguin Island.


Before Classic Club Penguin Closes…

Club Penguin Island will not come until later this month, according to Megg. Therefore, let us enjoy what classic, Flash Club Penguin has to offer before we no longer can. Think of our original Club Penguin like a museum, because in the future, it will no longer be used due to its inaccessibility.

This snow/sand castle will be left on the old island. Enjoy the little touches to the island, here and there.

The activity of building this snow/sand castle will be left on the old island. Enjoy the little touches to the island, here and there.

Read the yearbooks, stories, Book Room Writing Contestants’ stories, and Captain Rockhopper’s Journal. Relive memories, check out some classic tales, and just soak yourself into some good, entertaining stories.

Play mini-games. Do the classics like Hydro Hopper, Paint-by-Letters (whoops, wait a sec, that game discontinued a couple of years back, never mind *sigh*), Catchin’ Waves and more! Especially play the multiplayer ones, like Find Four, Card-Jitsu, etc. It’s only a matter of time before these games that have defined the Club Penguin experience will be nonexistent from the original Disney’s Club Penguin.

Waddle through the rooms, reminisce their long history (especially the rooms that have been practically untouched by change, like inside the Lighthouse), and pay attention to those little details that make characterize that room.

Recall some memories as you waddle through the rooms.

Recall some memories as you waddle through the rooms.

Your pet Puffles will stay on the original island, while the penguins will move to the new one. Be sure to spend time with them before the separation between the owner and the pet occurs!

While Club Penguin Island is still not released for you, appreciate the original Club Penguin rather than focus the majority of your attention on the upcoming game. 🙂 Also check out these fun, random things you must do before the closure of the Flash game (I wrote this even before Club Penguin Island was announced).

Compass Pin: It’s More Than a Pin

The original, Flash Club Penguin is coming to an end sooner than most anticipated. This makes me reminisce on our firsts in Club Penguin. One first that immediately comes to my mind is the first pin that I have ever collected: the Compass Pin, which was released on July 30, 2010, hiding in the Boiler Room. I didn’t even know it was a pin. I just happened to be in the Boiler Room one day, noticed the Compass, and was just curious.

I have come to the realization that my first pin represents change, which is among Club Penguin values. We never remain in one place. We take different directions from our present position in our adventures and journeys in life in order to change ourselves for improvement. The compass provides guidance in our directions down different paths.

Club Penguin has made the decision that will leave a sad, necessary evolutionary step… closing their computer game for the modern Club Penguin Island mobile app. This new direction has its risks, but how else do we explore if risks aren’t posed? Club Penguin’s compass has been their logical reasoning and care for the CP community. Producing new products shows hope, courage, and persistence in keeping Club Penguin’s presence in gaming alive… even though such products serve as replacements for their outdated ones.

I am truly appreciative of having the Compass Pin as my first pin since it has strengthened my comprehension of this impactful change within Club Penguin and its community.

Slow Down and Enjoy the Holidays on CP

Club Penguin Island, CP’s upcoming game, has been released as a beta, but only officially to Australia and New Zealand. Notice I said, “only officially”, but many players who do not reside in these nations have found a way to play CP Island, as well. Now, I do not know the consequences of taking such actions and I do not how serious they are.

Anyway, I have not taken this path although I am completely stoked for CPI. I will only play CPI when it legitimately launches worldwide. Why? Mainly because I am savoring what our current Club Penguin game is offering us. The Holiday Party this year is pretty much almost the same as years before, but I still enjoy living in the traditions. Who knows if this is the last Holiday Party of this kind? What if Rockhopper won’t make character appearances anymore? Will the famous and fun game, Treasure Hunt, cease to exist? What will happen to Coins for Change? Whether the traditional Holiday Party will still be on next year in 2017 or not, I am just going to enjoy our current Club Penguin and the Holiday Party’s festivities rather than play Club Penguin Island. Find me… not on Club Penguin Island like lots of players. It is more likely that you will find me sipping some hot cocoa in the Coffee Shop or playing Treasure Hunt in Captain Rockhopper’s Quarters.

Overlooked Jobs on CP Island

Baristas in the Coffee Shop. Waiters, chefs, and managers in the Pizza Parlor. Tour guides. The Rescue Squad. Even secret agents of the Elite Penguin Force.

Undoubtedly, at one point or another, you have observed penguins fulfilling these jobs around Club Penguin lsland. Perhaps you had taken one or more of these positions, too. But there are way more jobs around our snowy island that are typically overlooked, but are just as vital as the most known jobs…

  • Pet Shop keepers. Because pookies stand out more, maybe that’s why we don’t quite notice them there?
  • And who is that penguin in the truck tossing the coffee bean bags towards the penguins waiting on the ground in the mini-game, Bean Counters? We owe it to them for delivering those vital coffee beans in time. But why do they have to toss anvils, flower pots, and stinky fish, too? What an absentminded penguin!

Will we ever know who’s in that truck? I’d like to give that penguin a lesson on what NOT to throw.

  • The Old Blue penguins at the end of every Sled Racing game clapping and cheering for anybody that reaches the finish line. They sure are devoted to their job. Have you seen them take any breaks?
  • Puffle guides at the Puffle Lodge. They are like rangers, protecting the wild and educating penguins about the environment and its living species!
  • Penguins working hard in the Aqua Grabber. How else do we collect pearls for pearl necklaces to be sold in the Clothes Shop?

  • Penguins who smooth the ice at the Ice Rink. Penguins love their hockey, and the ice always has a smooth surface. We should all be thankful for their work. Do you think they have secret Zambonis that nobody else knows about?

This is just a small list of jobs in Club Penguin that not many pay attention to. What are some others you would add to the list?