Let’s Discuss… Club Penguin Island

Umm… haven’t we been on the island this whole time? ūüėõ

Strangely, this has been my Twitter bio long before Club Penguin Island was announced. Have I unknowingly been living in CPI without any realization?

Strangely, this has been my Twitter location long before Club Penguin Island was announced. Have I unknowingly been living in CPI without any realization?

Anyway, I’m sure you already know about Club Penguin Island, formerly known to all penguins as Project: Super Secret, so as always, I am not the one to write news. Instead, I sum up my general answers to interesting questions you may have about¬†CPI as well as predictions of what the outcomes of CPI are.

Why is Project: Super Secret called “Club Penguin Island”?

Rumors in the past suggested that the real name of PSS was “Club Penguin Remix” but that was refuted when Club Penguin finally made their official announcement that the real name is “Club Penguin Island”. Honestly, the name doesn’t brag any sort of newness. We already know Club Penguin is an island. Why name it something that could have been used for the original game? I like how Club Penguin is taking its heritage into account. Even though Club Penguin Island is all-new, it’s still Club Penguin. It still thrives with Club Penguin players. And we are given a reminder that Club Penguin is one special island unlike no other. Club Penguin Island is a new name for a new game while respecting its past. ūüôā

What made CPI possible?

The Club Penguin team’s longtime dedication to please its players. Even though there were more delays than anybody wanted and made risks by leaving their current game to fall into disrepair, they are scheduled to release CPI next year! Also, the loyal fans tirelessly waited and waited for Project: Super Secret to make its huge announcement. As a result of not giving up the wait, they received their reward of pre-registration into CPI!

What is it about Club Penguin that keeps many players, young and old, from leaving?

Club Penguin Island has convinced nearly everybody that they should stay, no matter how old they are. It’s hard leaving Club Penguin entirely, because the Club Penguin team’s effort¬†to make Club Penguin last as long as possible in this ever-changing world is admirable. Club Penguin is one of those few games that can age with grandness. Personally, I want to stay with Club Penguin for life!

Who should be beta-testing?

I wish the beta test for Club Penguin Island was open instead of limited to only a select few. Every player, whether they are old or new, deserves to give CPI a try. For iOS, the highest amount of testers is 2,000. I am not sure about Android yet, but I hope it will transition to an open beta. Perhaps the reason for CP’s limitations on the beta-testing is that they prefer gathering a smaller amount of information. Nevertheless, having an open beta-test would increase the potential amount of players for CPI.

Once officially released, how will CPI affect the players?

For now, CPI will be mobile-exclusive on iOS and Android. The availability on computers is currently questionable. For those who have the above mobile devices with the required system requirements, they have the ability to play. Unfortunately, it’s looking like those without a mobile device can’t play CPI yet. In that case, some players can’t make the transition to the new step in Club Penguin’s journey. It would be best for CPI to be accessible for computer and mobile players to maximize the scope of their audience. Time will tell!

How will fan-based creations be affected?

3D has never been more important for Club Penguin than ever! However, will the players make any changes in their projects? I’ve been absorbed in the talent that this community can produce. It will be no surprise at all to see players create 3D fan artworks. The YouTube community’s creations¬†will be impacted, too. For instance, many YouTubers carry out storylines on Club Penguin. How will that be accomplished on CPI and for that matter, on mobile? Regardless of the 3D aspects, what’s stopping fans from continuing to make 2D artworks?

No matter how different and revolutionary Club Penguin Island will be compared to the original Club Penguin,¬†the team’s mission is to have a safe online place for all ages to socialize and have fun. It’s up to the community to keep the island a lively and welcoming place for all! Let me know what your input is on Club Penguin Island and/or my responses above in the comments below or on Twitter.


Overlooked Jobs on CP Island

Baristas in the Coffee Shop. Waiters, chefs, and managers in the Pizza Parlor. Tour guides. The Rescue Squad. Even secret agents of the Elite Penguin Force.

Undoubtedly, at one point or another, you have observed penguins fulfilling these jobs around Club Penguin lsland. Perhaps you had taken one or more of these positions, too. But there are way more jobs around our snowy island that are typically overlooked, but are just as vital as the most known jobs…

  • Pet Shop keepers.¬†Because pookies stand out more, maybe that’s why we don’t quite notice them there?
  • And who is that penguin in the truck tossing the coffee bean bags towards the penguins waiting on the ground in the mini-game, Bean Counters? We owe it to them¬†for delivering those vital coffee beans in time. But why do they have to toss anvils, flower pots, and stinky fish, too? What an¬†absentminded penguin!

Will we ever know who’s in that truck? I’d like to give that penguin a lesson on what NOT to throw.

  • The Old Blue¬†penguins at the end of every Sled Racing game clapping and cheering for anybody that reaches the finish line. They sure are devoted to their job. Have you seen them take any breaks?
  • Puffle guides at the Puffle Lodge. They are like rangers, protecting the wild and educating penguins about the environment and its living species!
  • Penguins working hard in the Aqua Grabber. How else do we collect pearls for pearl necklaces to be sold in the Clothes Shop?

  • Penguins who smooth the ice at the Ice Rink. Penguins love their hockey, and the ice always has a smooth surface. We should all be thankful for their work. Do you think they have secret Zambonis that nobody else knows about?

This is just a small list of jobs in Club Penguin that not many pay attention to. What are some others you would add to the list?