Compass Pin: It’s More Than a Pin

The original, Flash Club Penguin is coming to an end sooner than most anticipated. This makes me reminisce on our firsts in Club Penguin. One first that immediately comes to my mind is the first pin that I have ever collected: the Compass Pin, which was released on July 30, 2010, hiding in the Boiler Room. I didn’t even know it was a pin. I just happened to be in the Boiler Room one day, noticed the Compass, and was just curious.

I have come to the realization that my first pin represents change, which is among Club Penguin values. We never remain in one place. We take different directions from our present position in our adventures and journeys in life in order to change ourselves for improvement. The compass provides guidance in our directions down different paths.

Club Penguin has made the decision that will leave a sad, necessary evolutionary step… closing their computer game for the modern Club Penguin Island mobile app. This new direction has its risks, but how else do we explore if risks aren’t posed? Club Penguin’s compass has been their logical reasoning and care for the CP community. Producing new products shows hope, courage, and persistence in keeping Club Penguin’s presence in gaming alive… even though such products serve as replacements for their outdated ones.

I am truly appreciative of having the Compass Pin as my first pin since it has strengthened my comprehension of this impactful change within Club Penguin and its community.


IDEA: Trivia Question Game in Club Penguin Island

By now, I am sure you have come online for Club Penguin’s last party, unsurprisingly named the Waddle On Party. One of the coolest activities of this party are trivia questions about various topics, like Puffles and ninjas, that Aunt Arctic have made for us to find out how much we know our Club Penguin and to reminisce on past events.

The Waddle On Party's trivia question fun!

The Waddle On Party’s trivia question fun!

To carry on the legacy of the original Club Penguin game for players on Club Penguin Island and to preserve its long, epic history, I would love to have all those trivia questions somehow implemented in Club Penguin Island. Perhaps there could be a type of interactive party room with the questions on the board and the players doing some action to choose their answer, just like how it is in the Waddle On Party. Or how about making a trivia mini-game with player leaderboards and rewards?

However it’s done, I would be absolutely delighted to have these questions on Club Penguin Island so that we can always have a reminder of our beloved Flash game for as long as their new mobile game is up.