About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks even more for actually wanting to know more about me. I won’t let you down. The name’s Tech70. I became a penguin in 2010 and have been hugely involved in Club Penguin ever since. My trademark outfit includes 3D glasses, the old blue hoodie, my MP3 player (gotta listen to my music!), the blue skater cap, the Music Jam 2011 backstage pass (my favorite party ever), and blue sneakers. By now, you can tell blue’s my favorite color. My favorite and most important things about Club Penguin are the community, my friends, the CP team, games, and being social.

I still continue my Club Penguin adventures on their new mobile game, Club Penguin Island. My penguin name has remained the same: Tech70. Please send a friend request. I need to fill up my friends list again!

agent icon.PNG

I am way more active on Twitter if you wanna chat. I also have a YouTube channel where I post unique Club Penguin comedy videos. Furthermore, I play some games on Steam, especially those from Hyper Hippo Productions (it’s the company where CP legends like Rocketsnail and Screenhog now work). Check out the links on the above menu bar to access my Twitter, YouTube, and Steam. Don’t be shy to connect more with me in those places! From time to time, I may create Club Penguin fan art (both traditional and digital) which you can see on my Twitter.

My interests include spending time with my real-life and internet friends (the penguins!), diving into books, listening to music (the oldies are the best), blogging, and creating videos. Wanna know a fun fact about me? Okay, here’s one: the month and day of my birthday is the same as Lane Merrifield’s, the co-creator of Club Penguin, also known as Billybob.


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