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Welcome! If you’re looking for the latest Club Penguin Island news and updates, I suggest you look for that sort of information on another website. I write with ingenuity and originality; different stuff from other blogs. The types of content found here include ideas for the game, opinions about current events/issues, and even random fun stuff you may not find anywhere else. Warning: This blog contains high levels of sweg.

Classic, Flash Club Penguin has closed and Club Penguin Island has opened for us to explore and keep on our adventures, and so my blog will feature both games. I want to celebrate our future together AND keep the memories of our past alive. My blog has two NEW blog post series: Flash(back) Club Penguin in regard to our original game… AND the other is called Island Inhabitant in regard to our new game.
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Why did I create this blog? Numerous Club Penguin players have blogs and express their thoughts on both versions of Club Penguin, such as how to improve the game. I’ve been inspired by Club Penguin fan bloggers to blog about the community and game we love.

My goals of this blog are to connect further with the Club Penguin community and help others truly understand what makes Club Penguin, Club Penguin! Additionally, I hope that by sharing my ideas and thoughts, Club Penguin might hear them and consider implementing them into the game.

One of my other goals is to make you, the viewer, feel comfortable when you visit my blog. Now what do I mean from that? I will NOT pressure you to do anything to boost my blog statistics/numbers, like commenting just for that purpose. Comment only if you want to. I have never blogged for popularity, it is because it is my one of my passions in the community to share my Club Penguin knowledge and opinions with other players. Anyway, I appreciate your time to read the posts and jot down some comments. If you are happy with my blog, so am I!


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    Thanks very much, I appreciate it.
    Ryanec1 from piratecpcheats.wordpress.com


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