First Half of 2016 Review

As of the posting date, six months hasn’t fully gone by yet since the start of 2016, but nothing else is really happening for the rest of June in Club Penguin, so I shall just begin my review. Anyways…

A half of 2016 is just about over! I can barely grasp that fact, it seems like time is going by so fast nowadays. In that span of six months, Club Penguin has provided us with five parties/events: the Prehistoric Party, Operation: Doom/Tri-umph, Puffle Party, Wilderness Expedition, and Zootopia Party. This is gonna be a pretty short review since I believe that most of these parties were made just to make up for monthly events as CP has promised players while spending the majority of their time on PSS. Since nearly all their focus is on the NEW Club Penguin experience, Project: Super Secret, not much effort has been put into these parties. The Prehistoric Party was mainly a rerun, the EPF operation was quite dull and presented no challenges, the Wilderness Expedition had a somewhat interesting story involving Sasquatch but didn’t have much to explore, and the Zootopia Party has some awesome rooms but can get monotonous as it’s a 7-week-long party (unless you use your imagination, which never fails to be fun). The Puffle Party, although another rerun, was my favorite party of the year so far, because of it’s colorful, inviting rooms as well as some newness to it, such as hide-and-seek games and parades (tell me, who DOESN’T like parades, especially ones featuring PUFFLES??!).

A classic room of the 2016 Puffle Party. I bet you can’t resist those water slides. Image credit: CP Wikia

I don’t mind that these parties are small, continuous, or boring though. I have no complaints about them. As long as Club Penguin is working hard to getting Project: Super Secret to becoming Project: DONE, then I am okay with their events, no matter what conditions they are. I completely understand that PSS has been their main goal for a long time. Compared to other years, 2016 hasn’t been that fun yet. But that’s fine with PSS in the works!


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