Brief Review: 2016 Puffle Party

Club Penguin’s third party of 2016, the annual Puffle Party, is the best one of the year, up to this point. Why? Although the majority of the party is old, the content can be enjoyed by players new and old. Compared to some of CP’s most recent parties, this one has many activities. Whether you want to transform into a Puffle, adopt every known Puffle in existence, join Puffle parades, search for hiding Puffles, listen to the fantastic soundtrack of the party, or simply waddle around party rooms with penguin’s best friend, you will always find something to do! Imagination is already immense in Club Penguin, but the Puffle Party expands that to a greater extent. Role-playing is extraordinarily fun, because you and your friends can become Puffles. Only during this party can you stumble upon Puffles walking Puffles.

I found my long-lost brother.

This Puffle Party brings back nostalgia for older players and gives newer players a chance to explore this massive and possibly overwhelming party. For players of any age, there is the new Great Puffle Search plus new items to collect. In my opinion, the 2016 Puffle Party has no drawbacks, even though it’s a rerun. After all, Club Penguin’s main focus for a long time has been Project: Super Secret. I would have liked to see the old style Puffle Party return with rooms dedicated to each type of Puffle, but hey, you can’t have everything.

What do you think about the Puffle Party? What is your favorite thing to do there?



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