Why Project: Super Secret on Mobile is a Top Priority

A popular speculation being highly discussed lately has been if Club Penguin’s Project: Super Secret will have a web version that is playable on a computer. This controversy has members of our community wonder if PSS will only be on mobile and has been upsetting quite a few of us! We all hope that PSS will be available on both platforms. Club Penguin has already released sneak peeks of this super secret project, and so far, it’s looking like PSS will for sure be on mobile. Click here to view CP’s most recent sneak peek. In the video, see how the interface and user interaction is almost certainly mobile? Also, Megg addresses the rumors that have been going around lately about PSS being solely mobile. She reminds us that they are always listening to the community, but does not confirm any details about the availability of PSS.

Again, we all want Project: Super Secret to have its place on both platforms, web and mobile. And let me reassure you that Club Penguin always has their ears open to hear the feedback and opinions of their fans and players! However, if Club Penguin had to release PSS on only one platform, it would HAVE to be mobile. Don’t get me wrong, I really, really want it playable on our computers, too. The number one reason why mobile is THE priority is the current audience. Let’s analyze the audience of today, including older and younger community members. It seems to be that older players prefer the web version. Check out this tweet from one of my penguin pals:

Look at the amount of retweets (web) over likes (mobile)!

Younger players, on the other hand, appear to prefer Club Penguin on mobile. Just recently, I asked some of my younger relatives if they played Club Penguin. They told me that they have before, but only on their mobile devices. Not once did they play CP on the platform from where it began: the computer. They as well as other kids I have talked to don’t even use a computer at home. They rely strongly on their phones and/or tablets to play games. Products of any kind depend on the audience, especially the current one. If kids move to mobile, so does Club Penguin. That’s what they did with the Club Penguin app and Project: Super Secret. Lance Priebe, also known as Rocketsnail, is always reminding us on Twitter that listening to the audience is crucial. He is, without any doubts whatsoever, correct.

It would disappoint many players and me if Club Penguin decided to have PSS as a mobile exclusive. They should have PSS available to play with the web version on the computer… its heritage, where it all started for this snowy island. But mobile cannot be left out. A modern audience = a modern Club Penguin = higher chances of success. If CP releases PSS on mobile first, it doesn’t mean that they are ignoring a possible computer version and may come out with this later. In short, if Club Penguin had to release PSS on one version at first, it would be mobile and I am saying this for the sake of the survival of the game, not my personal opinion. As time passes, the audience changes, so they should adjust. Me, I prefer PSS on the computer, like the majority of the older Club Penguin community. But I am willing to face a chance of PSS being mobile only. I will repeat it again: let’s hope that Project: Super Secret is on the computer and mobile devices. Always keep in mind that Club Penguin is always considering the community first. We may not be happy with all their decisions, but we are part of the Club Penguin journey, which will have its good and not-so-good moments. It will be full of changes, because change is necessary for advancement and improvement as well as the keeping up of its well-being.


One thought on “Why Project: Super Secret on Mobile is a Top Priority

  1. Good post, but you’re forgetting something. Club Penguin, in order to make PSS, has released bad and rushed parties for a while now, and has always told us to stay patient to get “good things”. If these “good things” are mobile-only, then a lot of people would be totally disappointed and quit CP, because they have been patient for a lot of time, only to get NOTHING. This is unfair, we can’t let CP get away with this!

    I hope you get my point.


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