For Older Players: How to (Still) Have Fun in Club Penguin

I admit it, after a couple of years as a Club Penguin player, I feel like I completed everything the game has to offer. Earned all the stamps? Yes, I sure did. Beat the entire Card-Jitsu saga? Done that. Finished all EPF missions and games? Yup! Waddled around every room and played every mini-game? Oh yeah. What really keeps old players staying is either or both of these things: the devotion and love for the community and the game… or new weekly/monthly content. Because of Project: Super Secret, seldom is there this new content. The majority or all of the items in both catalogs, Penguin Style and Furniture, are oldies which we already own. Plus, the parties are reruns and new stuff is few or may not even be present. So… how do older, more experienced players who know every nook and cranny of the game have fun on this island where there’s just a hint of new things to do? Simple, we have to start the fun!

  1. Hosting parties are fun, no matter how young or old a player is. There can be themes, varying from random dance parties to a space cowboy rodeo. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Another event to host is a gaming competition. Games are always more fun when playing with others. Dance Contest, the tabletop games, the Card-Jitsu saga, and Sled Racing are excellent ways to have fun! Needless to say, you can also play games which CP doesn’t provide, like hide-and-seek.
  3. Go to a busy server, hang around the Town, and visit igloos belonging to the penguins inviting others. There are a bunch of penguins out there who make unbelievably epic and unique igloos and have serious talent for decorating.
  4. Role-playing and/or having jobs is a significant part of the way Club Penguin runs. How could the island be our home without penguins out there enriching it as they work and talk with each other?
  5. Just relax and watch the hustle bustle of everyday penguins. It’s like people watching, in which you’re laid-back, watching crowds of people doing things and going their own ways. Unfortunately, the chat system is extremely strict nowadays, limiting the conversations to a bare minimum. Saying one word per speech bubble normally works, but can be irritating.

There you have it. You may have accomplished every achievement possible on the island and know everything about Club Penguin, but what you can do to have fun doesn’t vanish! Club Penguin provides us with the tools to utilize, it is up to us concerning how to use them. As always on CP island, imagination is endless.

second autism awareness event

You can host events, like one for awareness of a cause or something you want to spread the word and educate others about. In this picture, here I am with lots of other cool penguins raising awareness for autism.


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