Announcement: TWO New Blog Post Series!

Classic, Flash Club Penguin has closed their doors and is forever officially unplayable. Meanwhile, a brand new game has made its debut worldwide, allowing us to have different adventures in store: Club Penguin Island. I want to celebrate our future together AND keep the memories of our past alive.

I am very proud and happy to announce that my blog will have TWO, NEW, ORIGINAL blog post series: Flash(back) Club Penguin in regard to our original game… AND the other is called Island Inhabitant in regard to our new game.

Flash(back) Club Penguin aims to explore the old Club Penguin, even after inaccessible for the players, bring about memories, and suggest classic features to add to CP Island.

Island Inhabitant is written by… a Club Penguin Island inhabitant! This other series is focused on reviewing the game, stating activities to do (in case you’re bored on there), provide suggestions for this young game, and MOST of all, supporting the Club Penguin team all the way. Because they had a rough start with CPI, I am trying to help them with this series by believing in that they will improve the game in ways that will satisfy lots of people!

There will be a few new graphics for my blog design and the blog post series, as well. I can’t wait to continue my hobby of Club Penguin blogging with you all!

Tech70’s Club Penguin blog: Classic Club Penguin + Club Penguin Island


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