New Year’s Resolution of a CP Blogger

I wish I had done this earlier when I first started my Club Penguin fan blog.

Just now, I have added the Google Translate tool for my little humble website. It takes almost no time at all to do. It’s on the sidebar of my blog, waiting for it to be used for blog visitors when needed.

What’s the big deal about this tool? It’s very important! The Club Penguin audience is not limited to English-speakers. As you probably already know, CP is also available for Spanish, Portuguese, and French players. All these communities of diverse languages make up the entire Club Penguin community. Let’s not have language barriers prevent people of different languages to feel separated. The easiest way to do this is to add the Google Translate tool to your website. Now, more CP players can read your content and possibly comment to boost activity.


Club Penguin is a worldwide game. Let’s make our content as widely available to our fellow CP players as possible. Image source

For the year of 2017, one of my new year’s resolutions is being able to communicate content of my blog posts to more Club Penguin audiences by having the Google Translate tool.

Your blogging platform, like WordPress, may already have the tool available in your website’s settings for you to add. Or you could just go to Google’s webpage here and follow the no-nonsense directions to have the tool added to your website in short amount of time!


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