Tech70’s Penlympic Event

As you probably know, the world’s countries are cheering on their best athletes who are competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. We all wish that Club Penguin could have their own event right now to join in the Olympic craze, but unfortunately they never did. They could have returned the 2006 Sports Party. *shrugs*

Nearly 10 years ago!

Nearly 10 years ago!

But who says that the players can’t create their own Olympic-inspired events? Therefore, I will be hosting one on the 21st of this month (Sunday). Check out the details below:

  • Event: The Mancala and Foot Race Penlympics
  • Date: August 21, 2016
  • Time: 12:30 PM PST-1:00 PM PST
  • Server: Marshmallow

Mancala Details (first 15 minutes):

  • This is not much of a physical sport, but rather, a sport of thinking!
  • We will be in the Book Room the whole time.
  • There will be no system of assigning opponents. Just join a free game of Mancala whenever available. If there isn’t enough room for a Mancala game, please wait until a spot is open!

Foot Race Day Details (last 15 minutes):

  • How fast can you run?
  • Dress up like you’re ready to run! Get out those sweatbands and running shoes!
  • 1st race: the Dock to the Cove
  • 2nd race: the Cove to the Dojo
  • 3rd race: the Dojo to the Boiler Room
  • 4th race: the Boiler Room to the Hidden Lake
  • We will all start in the same area in each starting room. I will tell everybody where to start. Don’t try getting close to the door entrances when starting! After all, one of the most important aspects of these sporting events is fairness.
  • Once the end room loads for you, you don’t have to run to a specific spot. You’ve finished the race!

The awards of competing in the Penlympics: Nothing tangible like medals, just fun and competitiveness with fellow penguin athletes. The best part is that everyone wins.

If everybody is fair, then everybody has fun. Don’t ruin these events by breaking the rules, especially in the foot race.

Let the Penlympic games begin! *tweets whistle*


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