Tech70’s GAME ON Event + Important Message

Before I get started with the details of my game-filled party on Club Penguin, I just wanna let you guys know about what’s up with me lately…

In previous years, I had a lot more time for myself, thus, I could spend much of it in the Club Penguin community. Nowadays, the situation is different. I’m getting older, having more responsibilities, and participating in various real-life occurrences. Don’t worry though, there’s nothing bad or awful happening with me, it’s just that I am way busier than I used to be. Therefore, some of you may have noticed that my time online with the CP community has lessened. I really wish I had more time with you guys. Really. But time is not on my side. Even during my summer break, I will be occupied in family affairs and will attend summer school. Just because I have a summer break doesn’t mean it’s a total break from relaxation! Sure, I can find rest, but it’s more scarce now than ever before. I’m sorry if I am not around online as much as the past, but my real-life situations are a priority, but Club Penguin and its community are super-duper important, too, and I will always cherish them. That’s why I wanna host this GAME ON event, to spend time with you all playing mini-games on Club Penguin! Here is my message in a summary:

  • I am NOT quitting Club Penguin.
  • I am NOT leaving Club Penguin.
  • I am still playing Club Penguin and going online on Twitter often. You will still see me quite active online, don’t you worry.
  • I will still blog twice a month, as planned. I currently don’t have a YouTube video release schedule. Who knows, my 12th comedy video may be my LAST IN 2D! Oh my! :O
  • The point of this message is to address that I don’t have as much time to myself as I used to.
  • Most importantly, I will always be a part of the Club Penguin community. 🙂

Okay, the serious stuff is over! Now on to the fun stuff! Jdan1001, who created a series of interactive parties called #31DaysforCP has just recently concluded it on the last day of May. Because of my time limits, I could only attend it the 31st day and none of the other days, but I still had just as much fun as everyone else! He has inspired me to host my own event: GAME ON! Details:

Hope to see you there!

Your penguin pal,



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