Let’s Discuss: Whatever Happened to “Takeovers”?

If you’re keeping up with Club Penguin, you know about the latest event going on: the Zootopia Party. But it’s a sponsored party and affiliated with the Disney movie, Zootopia. In that case, shouldn’t it be called “the Zootopia Takeover”? After all, it is taking over our island, or at least parts of it.

The last time a sponsored party was called a Takeover was the Star Wars Rebels which took place in January of 2015. Since then, there have been four other parties promoting Disney products outside Club Penguin (Frozen Fever, Inside Out, Descendants, Zootopia). The names of those parties do not have “Takeover” in them. They just end in “Party” like every other party. Furthermore, these are just a few examples of promoted parties not having “Takeover” in their names (like the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam in 2013).

Why has Club Penguin stopped using “Takeover” for their sponsored parties? Does this word have a bad rap? Not everybody likes Takeovers aka sponsored parties. By not including this word in the event name, would it attract even those who dislike Takeovers? Even if they use “Party” instead of “Takeover,” I doubt it would conceal its Takeover-self.

Or is it because “Takeover” is too much of a strong word for minor promoted parties like the Zootopia one? It doesn’t actually take over the island, just a couple of rooms. In my opinion, Club Penguin has stopped using “Takeover” due to a mix of both reasons aforementioned. They both seem sensible to the situation on hand.

Let me know what you think of the untouched word, “Takeover”. Do you agree with me or is there another reason you suspect of CP’s decision to stop using the word in their sponsored parties’ names?


One thought on “Let’s Discuss: Whatever Happened to “Takeovers”?

  1. Perhaps when they first started doing these kind of parties, using the word “takeover” was supposed to tell the audience what kind of party it was. As time went on though, I would assume we were used to these “takeovers” so therefore Club Penguin decided to drop the takeover, and just add it into the normal bunch of “parties” that we normally have.

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