Homage for the Blogger Legends

You may be aware that Saraapril, who owned and ran her once-popular Club Penguin cheats blog has stopped blogging altogether after so many years. I thought this would never happen, knowing that she blogs about Club Penguin with passion, but it has!

Also, Trainman1405, blogger of his well-known and frequently-visited Club Penguin Memories blog has considered quitting blogging, as well. Has he run out of steam?

Legendary bloggers of the Club Penguin community like them have thought about stopping their blogging activity, because well, we grow up and circumstances in our lives change. Not only did they provide gaming help with their blogs, but they were true leaders on our little, snowy island. On the bright side, however, they have sparked inspiration for many, many penguins to start their own blogs and become great, positive, new leaders. I was one of those affected by their monumental achievements and contributions. People like them leave a grand legacy behind. Just because they have stopped blogging doesn’t mean they have also stopped being a community member. In fact, Saraapril informed us in her last blog post that she will still be waddling around Club Penguin. We’re all getting older, but Club Penguin will never vanish from our hearts and memories.

(P.S. Have I ever thought about quitting my blog? No way! I may write only two posts a month, but there’s no way at the moment I am stopping my blogging!)


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