Who’s the Most Powerful Club Penguin Villain? Let’s Discuss

Not all of Club Penguin’s long history has been peaceful. Once in a while, villainy attempts to take over our beloved island and make things nasty. Luckily, goodness reigns! With the help from courageous, determined penguins and Puffles, our island has always been safe from the permanent clutches of evil. Better yet, we haven’t seen that much action from villains lately, besides Herbert P. Bear and his crustacean lackey, Klutzy. Who knows what they are planning behind our backs? Just thinking about it makes me shiver! Although the persistent polar bear has appeared the most, other villains, in my opinion, would have higher chances of prevailing over Club Penguin.

Credit to Huntara for her cool artwork of the gathering of CP’s villains.

Here are my ratings on a scale from 1-10 in toughness to beat (highest being the most) for some of CP’s most infamous villains as well as descriptions of their characteristics and their evil actions…

Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy: 3/10

Klutzy: “Clickety…” (Translation: “Groan…”)

They are the least likely to win our island. Why, you may ask? The polar bear and crab team have started their evil ways early in Club Penguin’s history. They have tried many times to perform some despicable act, whether its converting the island from Club Penguin to Club Herbert (that’s Operation: Blackout!), infiltrating the EPF database (System Defender), bringing the Hydras from the Medieval Party back to life, etc. I could keep going on, but that would be a loooong list! Guess what? Each time, they have failed, even though sometimes, the island seemed to be on the brink of losing. Just recently, we defeated Herbert and Klutzy in Operation: Doom simply by traversing through a rerun maze and pulling an electrical plug out of the wall. That was super difficult (not). I doubt they will give up, but I have a feeling that we penguins will beat them again and again.

Tusk and the Snow Minions: 4/10

“I WILL DEFEAT SENSEI. (I didn’t create this amazingly epic outfit for nothing, you know.)”

“ATTACK! Snow one shall beat us!”

This nefarious walrus and his sidekick Snow Minions have battled it out with Snow Ninjas in Club Penguin’s newest mini-game, Card-Jitsu Snow. Tusk would love nothing more than revenge on his enemy, Sensei (but they were once BFFs!) Upon completion of Card-Jitsu Snow, Tusk is defeated by the Snow Ninjas and Sensei. For now, the residents of Club Penguin island are safe from Tusk, but his anger towards Sensei has empowered him to beat him once and for all. However, Tusk has not made any appearances since 2013. Maybe he just wanted a vacation. Or is an evil plan in the works? Anyway, his chances of being victorious over us penguins are not that high, because I think our ninja skills are way better than his and the Snow Minions’. We haven’t trained for hours in the all the different Dojos of different elements for nothing!

Skip the Ghost: 7/10

“Hey, I’m Skip the Ghost. Nice to trick…. I mean… meet you.”

The enemies we have been talking about so far are living and breathing things. Not THIS ONE! He’s a ghost and sought to bring fear to all of CP island’s residents during the Halloween Party of 2014. At the haunted Puffle Hotel, he transformed himself to look just like a normal penguin working as a bellhop there. His trickery had fooled us to help him nearly reach his nasty goal of spreading fright all over the island! Not good. Fortunately, we were able to strike back with our own plan to save the island once again from villainy. Who knows if he will make a return? There is uncertainty as to where he is right now. But if Skip did someday try again with his scary plans, it may not be that easy to defeat the specter. After all, he can shapeshift his outside appearance. Skip can look just like an ordinary penguin and can easily get away with it!

Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000: 9.5/10

Gary: “AHHH! PROTOBOT, RELEASE ME AT ONCE! But while the agent is at work defeating him, I might as well take this time to enjoy the island’s pretty views from high up. What else can I do inside this prison?”

No villain on Club Penguin island is as atrocious, evil, and fierce as the robot, UP10K or Protobot. Sorry Herbert, but if you want to take over Club Penguin island, maybe you should be an assistant of UP10K, because he is the toughest villain in CP’s history. His origins came from the EPF DS game. Sadly, some of Gary’s inventions have lead to the creation of this horrible scoundrel of a robot. Gary’s Test Bots built this mean and menacing machine. Protobot is composed of all sorts of things around the island, like a mine cart and the Ticket Booth from the former stage. This villain without a heart set off to perform horrible actions, like kidnapping Gary and the Elite Puffles and time-traveling into the far future in an attempt to eradicate the future island. UP10K has no sense of kindness. All he wants to do is conquer all of us penguins and will stop at nothing! Defeating Protobot is usually quite difficult, because he is clever, tough, and huge in size. It takes massive effort and teamwork to defeat this nasty robot. But let’s not forget that in the future incident, we were able to destroy him. Could he make a comeback though? Remember, messing with time can have weird consequences.

The island has experienced several times of danger and risks of being ruled over by the forces of evil. Also, these villains aren’t the only threats that that the island has received. Don’t worry though, I have no doubts that this will never happen. Whenever villainy rises, we penguins will always defend our home and defeat them! The official EPF organization will not back down. And every penguin and Puffle on Club Penguin island is willing to beat these villains! We are not afraid of them, for we know that goodness triumphs, especially when we do it together.

Which villain do you think poses the most danger to the island? Do you agree with my ratings? Are there other villains who you think should deserve a rating?


2 thoughts on “Who’s the Most Powerful Club Penguin Villain? Let’s Discuss

  1. WOW – EPIC – EPIC – EPIC *Plays Dj Cadence Music* post, Tech :). I really enjoyed reading it, great job and keep up the great work 🙂

    Ummm, for me Skip can be too Dangerous, because remember the hidden fact inside the EPF Hand-Book that says that one machine can bring Skip back? And if maybe this machine could be the Ghostamatron 3000 from Gariwald’s VIII mansion ghost lab? Ummmmm 🙂

    Best Tasty

    P.S: Could you check my Blogs Header and tell me what do you think of the draw? I drew it ALL with my Wacom – Hope you like 🙂

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