Back Then and Now in the CP Twitter Community

I can hardly believe I have been a Twitter user for over two years now! It seems like I just joined back in December of 2013. I never went on a long hiatus and have always been active in the Club Penguin Twitter community. Tweeting and checking my timeline almost every day, I have observed quite a few changes. I used to be the newbie on Twitter, but now I am one of the veterans! Whether you are newer Twitter users and are curious about the Twitter community in the past or you are a longtime user and want some nostalgia, get ready for a terrific Twitter time travel telling! (Oooh, nice alliteration.)

Whoops, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, the time traveling part. In the years of 2012, 2013, and 2014, the Club Penguin Twitter community was way more active than now. At least, that’s what I think from what I have seen. I heard from some older users that 2012 was very, very lively for this world offline Club Penguin. I joined in late 2013, and I thought the community was active at the time being, as well. Throughout my first year on Twitter, tweeted A LOT. The rate of how much I got on Twitter and made tweets was larger back then. Many were online at the same time I was online, so I spent a considerably big part of my spare time on Twitter. Always though, I would finish the priorities in real life first, but afterwards, Twitter time! Additionally, normally, new Twitter users really like to get to know the social media, plus meet new friends, spending much time adjusting to a hobby of tweeting. An important thing to keep in mind was that Club Penguin staff like Polo Field and Megg came online on Twitter frequently too. This was one of the big incentives, at least for me, to join Twitter in the first place, to have a chance to talk with them and see their feed.

In the past, Twitter had an entirely different interface, one that I prefer over the current design. It is simpler, more practical, and more original. Interesting fun fact: When I joined, a popular thing to include in one’s bio was something like, “Have a question? Just ask!” The trend was most likely started by Trainman1405.

My first icon, header, and bio.

My first icon, header, and bio. (And yes, I still have an interest in cars). 😀

From what I remember, at least starting in mid-2014, quite a few people of the Club Penguin community on Twitter started to have long hiatuses or even left. From here on, some left, some stayed, some joined. I strongly believe the activeness has gone down because:

  1. In April 2014, Twitter launched a major change to the design of their Twitter pages on the web. From what I have heard from others, they liked the older style more, and I agree.
  2. We are all growing up. Our interests change. In fact, I know lots of people that were once Club Penguin players on Twitter, but have changed their profiles to their interests now, like another game, or made their accounts more personal.
  3. The Club Penguin staff, beginning somewhere in 2015, have almost stopped going on Twitter with their own accounts and now have entirely stopped using them. Really, the only official, active CP-affiliated accounts now are the Club Penguin main account and Spike Hike. Even Spike does not come online often at all, but he never completely stopped tweeting.
  4. The longer we stay on Twitter, we are more used to it. It can be boring sometimes and we might run out of things to say.
  5. We are busy with our personal lives now that we are older. I have more schoolwork to do and I’m pretty sure it is the same thing for you if you are one of the older users (and when I mean older here in particular, I mean your grade level).

Despite the fact that I have been on Twitter for more than two years now, I still try to log on at least once each day to visit my online friends. Admittedly, I spend a lot less time on Twitter now, but that is totally okay, because we have to be active offline, too. Moderation, moderation. Too much time on Twitter or any type of social media can be bad for your lifestyle, so try to find that perfect balance online and offline.

Don’t get me wrong, the Club Penguin Twitter community is still lively and lots still come online, but maybe not as much compared to the previous years. Always, there are Club Penguin players joining Twitter. I also know some that have been on Twitter longer than me and are still active. I still chat now and then with friends who are not interested in CP anymore. My friends on Twitter are diverse! They are both old and new to Twitter and may or may not play Club Penguin. We are all unique and friendships are made, even with others who are very different than who you are. 🙂


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