Getting Started with Making Videos? Here’s a Handy Guide

Once in a while, I receive questions from my pals on Twitter pertaining to videos. Here are some of those questions:

  • Should I start making videos?
  • What do you use to edit?
  • Which screen recorder do you use?

I’ve been creating Club Penguin comedy videos for nearly a year. Over the months, I have gained experience and practice. When I first started, my videos were quite primitive. Then, the effects became more and more sophisticated each time. I got inspired to make this series from Club Penguin’s #WaddleOn sketch show as well as awesome videos from penguins in our community! In my opinion, creating videos and making people laugh are fun, which is why I try to make videos on a monthly basis. Here’s a guide which may answer some of your video questions!

If you have not made videos yet and are considering to do so…

  • Go ahead and try it! Who knows, you may or may not like it. It’s up to you to find that out.
  • I recommend starting with a free program if starting out, because you may end up not liking video production. Windows Movie Maker has limits, but it is very good being free of cost. It’s the program I began with.
  • Try a simple screen recorder to capture footage. Or do what I did and just take still screenshots and put them in your video.
  • Don’t be concerned about the fancy stuff yet, like the motion effects. Focus on the content in your video first.
  • Once you post your very first video on YouTube, it is best to spread the word about it. Twitter is a very effective way. Don’t be shy to ask your friends to watch your video and leave a comment.
  • Don’t be discouraged if your video starts out with not many views/likes/comments. For most people, it takes time to build up your position in the video world.
  • If you don’t seem to enjoy a pastime in video production, you can stop. After all, it’s your choice to determine your hobbies. Don’t make videos to be famous, because that’s not what video production is about.
  • Most of all, have fun with creating videos and interacting with your viewers! 🙂

Check out my first Club Penguin comedy video. It’s very simple, but it’s nothing to fret about, being the first.

If you have already began making a few videos…

  • Like this pastime? Nice. Don’t like it? It’s fine, go with your instincts.
  • Now that you have some experience, you can manage your video’s content, plus any motion/sound effects and music.
  • Don’t overdo the effects. Keep everything in moderation! (Unless specific content in your video requires otherwise :P).
  • Looking for an affordable video editing program? Corel VideoStudio X8 has lots of neat features for a reasonable price, compared to other programs. It also comes with a good screen recorder.
  • Custom thumbnails are the first thing people see when they see your videos. Create your own thumbnails to make your video look enticing to watch.
  • Be sure to keep up with your subscribers and comments left on your videos. When somebody comments, whether its positive or negative feedback, reply to them! It’s a way to show that you’re grateful for their time to watch your videos.
  • As always, have fun creating your videos and interacting with your viewers!

My newest comedy video. It’s the 10th one in the series! See the changes from my first?

I’m glad to have begun video creating. I like to tell stories, bring laughter to viewers, and play with video effects. Good luck with your video adventure. 🙂


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