Let’s Discuss… Waiting for Project: Super Secret

It feels like we have all been waiting for PSS (Project: Super Secret) FOR YEARS AND YEARS. Okay, not literally that long, but it’s been about two or maybe three years since we have been aware that Club Penguin has worked on revolutionizing the way we play the game behind-the-scenes. At least they have revealed small segments of PSS last year with social media, videos, and blog posts. 2016 SHOULD be the year of the release (we all hope). If you have been tracking the developments of PSS since day one of its discovery, then you know that *cue the music* it’s been delayed, it’s been delayed. Remember this tweet that Spike Hike sent almost a year ago?

As I am typing this, it did not go live yet, although nearly a year has gone by! It’s all just sneak peeks we’re seeing, so far. Because Club Penguin has been working so hard, putting much effort and time into PSS, the normal game content that we wait for every week lacks. Those clothing and furniture catalogs contain items that we have seen numerous times already. Some parties are reruns. A perfect example of such a party is the Frozen Fever Party. Almost nothing in there was news to us! So yeah, it is evident that not all, but quite a few updates have not appealed to us too much, especially since lots of content has been reused.

Besides the two royal castle rooms and a few exclusive items, nothing else with new with the Frozen Fever Party, just one of the few parties lacking new content while waiting for PSS.

Besides the two royal castle rooms and a few exclusive items, nothing else was new with the Frozen Fever Party, just one of the several parties lacking new content while PSS was in development.

Here’s where I discuss the main topic of this post: Waiting for PSS. Are you okay with the old content as long as Club Penguin works and polishes the project? Or do you think the wait has been way too long and we have dealt with old content for too long? Is this wait worth it in the long run once PSS has released? Or is it not worth it with all the no-so-fresh stuff every week? I would like you know what you think! After all, PSS will impact Club Penguin in ways huge and influential. My overall opinion is that IT IS worth the wait. Change is necessary for progress, and Club Penguin is no exception. Besides, I’ve always wanted to try the virtual world in a 3D experience.

Anxiously waiting for PSS like

Anxiously waiting for PSS like

To get the discussion started, here’s a poll I posted on Twitter…

Most of the voters believe the wait is worth it. Nearly half of the voters want to experience PSS before deciding if the wait was worth it. A small percentage say that PSS is not worth waiting so long for. Now that you can see the community’s general opinion of the PSS wait, what do you think? Write your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for reading and commenting and I’d appreciate it if you could share the post by tweeting/retweeting the link. 🙂


One thought on “Let’s Discuss… Waiting for Project: Super Secret

  1. I think it’s worth the wait, 3D animation takes a LOT of time. I’ve never tried it personally, but you literally animate a limited amount of frames a day, and animation is usually in 24, 30, or 60 fps… now only so many frames a day times all the new 3D actions, plus the physics of the outfits… it’s extremely time consuming.

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