Club Penguin’s Video Series

Now that we’re in 2016, it’s hard to believe that ages ago (well, not really, but I think you get the point), the Club Penguin staff worked on several video series and uploaded them to YouTube and/or their What’s New blog. I miss the days in which we got a weekly supply of Club Penguin video awesomeness. I would get on my computer and anxiously wait for the next one to release. Club Penguin used to make a BOATLOAD of videos. From the Spoiler Alert, to #WaddleOn, to sneak peek videos, they entertained us with fun and amusing content outside of the game itself! Some prime employees bringing the videos to life were Polo Field, Megg, Ninja, Businesmoose, and Daffodaily5. Three of them have left, and only Megg and Ninja are still working at the Club Penguin offices. These days, the only one video series that Club Penguin makes is the monthly Fan Art, and even so, their release dates are inconsistent. The last Fan Art video featured November!

Maybe Project: Super Secret is keeping them busy, I don’t know, but I wish Club Penguin created more videos for our viewing entertainment. Anyway, here are Club Penguin’s former video series:

The Spoiler Alert

MY FAVORITE. In my opinion, the stuff in those videos were so wacky, they made me burst out laughing. It’s cool that we got to see Polo Field, Megg, and Ninja act in real life too, as well as invite guest stars, including Billybob and Spike Hike! What’s more, the Spoiler Alert crew invited us penguins to come online for meetups for the purpose to record them, which would then be implemented in the videos. It was a FANTASTIC way to interact with the Club Penguin community! Oh, and I forgot about the spoilers (that’s why it was named that way, in the first place). The staff members presented spoilers of upcoming updates while having a good time. Click here to check out the collection of Spoiler Alert videos and watch one or two.


You know about my Club Penguin comedy videos that can be watched on my YouTube channel? They were largely inspired by the #WaddleOn series, CP’s weekly sketch show that was meant to entertain the audience with its silliness and hilariousness. I thought they were good, but sometimes went a little overboard with the jokes. But I still miss them! The penguins acting in them may or may not have been owned by employees. Anyway, sometimes, the makers of #WaddleOn hosted meetups to film them for their videos.

Sneak Peek Videos

Happy77 started the Club Penguin video era in 2011. However, in late 2012, she left the company, so who would continue the videos? None other than Polo Field and Businesmoose! They recorded interesting scenarios involving their marvelous acting skills in the next parties, showing sneak peeks of them along the way. Some penguins like Ninja and Daffodaily5 appeared now and then. Instead of posting PNG images of party rooms on the blog, why not act in them and use imagination to present them in a fun and creative form? The sneak peek video below is my favorite one.

Share your opinions of Club Penguin’s videos! Do you want them back? Which series did you like the most?


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