It’s Winter in CP… or it is Not?

Why am I posing such a question? Well, you’re in for a detailed, comprehensive explanation!

Because it’s December, something just occurred to me. Right now in Club Penguin, it is winter. So what’s so complex about that? In Club Penguin, needless to say, we are penguins. BUT aren’t penguins living in the southern hemisphere of the globe, where it is currently SUMMER? Instead of making hot chocolate, we penguins should be sipping smoothies and fruit juice with a little umbrella. Instead of making snowmen, we should be crafting sand castles (I’m sure Olaf would love this!) Club Penguin must have some magical properties, because it is winter in a hemisphere that is currently in the summer. However, Herbert P. Bear must be feeling right at home, because he is originally from the northern hemisphere, where it is winter at the moment, and the polar bear is living the winter life in Club Penguin. In short, Club Penguin is an island in the southern hemisphere experiencing conditions and seasons of the northern hemisphere. Neat, ain’t it?

It's December and we should be slurping coconut juice instead of drinking hot chocolate.

It’s December and we penguins should be slurping coconut juice instead of drinking hot chocolate.

Note: In reality, the HQ of Club Penguin is in Canada, in the northern hemisphere, which is why seasons of Club Penguin follow northern hemisphere seasons. This post is just a fantastical one that explains the seasons in an in-game reasoning and not taking real-world situations into account.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Winter in CP… or it is Not?

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