Club Penguin is 10 Years Old

With that title, I’m cutting right to the chase. It’s the 24th day of October in 2015, and as fans of Club Penguin should know, this means Club Penguin is not a young little game anymore. It’s now 10 years old. Yes. TEN. A decade ago, on October 24th, 2005, CP was released as an official game. Ever since, it has been delighting people beginning with day one. Not that many virtual worlds survive for that long. Some shut down within a few years of opening. Not Club Penguin. Around the globe, it’s been successful, popular, and loved by all ages, yes, even teens and adults. Sure, we all get frustrated with bugs, some of CP’s choices of parties, etc. In spite of that, we are loyal fans. Referring back to the age range, isn’t it amazing that some current Club Penguin players are younger than the game itself? Just think about it for a moment. Anyway, being a decade-old game is a great triumph. And so, I’d like to thank the following people for an amazing childhood filled with the awesomeness of Club Penguin…

…Lance Priebe, Lane Merrifield, Dave Krysko, Chris Hendricks, Holly Hildebrant, Nate Sawatzky, and others who were involved with the early stages of Club Penguin. They believed that the game could do well with a lot of effort, work, and love put into this virtual world. This idea of an online hangout with penguins could have failed, but they did just the opposite of that… they succeeded and look where the game is now.

…Each and every one of the employees of Club Penguin, whether they are past or present, in every department. I could go on mentioning names, but there are too many to list that I can’t thank individually. Instead, I am thanking them as a whole team. Club Penguin is alive today because of the devoted people working at the headquarters in Kelowna, BC, Canada and the other offices in various parts of the world. They chose to do an occupation at Club Penguin to support themselves and their families. They have entertained millions of people this way.

If there’s a definition of a random dance party, this is it. The CP team loves to entertain people all around the world, have fun and work together, and throw parties like this. 😀

…Disney, one of the world’s most well-known companies delivering entertainment through television, music, and more. They DID NOT ruin Club Penguin. In fact, they improved the game with their funding and support. The real-life merchandise (toys, video games, and more) were backed up by Disney. More word about the virtual world was spread thanks to Disney’s promotions. As a result, more people joined Club Penguin now that they were aware of it. Although I believe Disney could now spend more time and money with Club Penguin, I (and so should you) am grateful for Disney’s help throughout the years.

…Finally, YOU, one of the many members of the community. How does a virtual world last a whole decade? Sure, profits from membership have kept it alive, but the genuine reason is the community. All the penguins who make up this one-of-a-kind community is how Club Penguin has been up on the web for all these years. Since the game has been an immense part of our childhood, many of us still are passionate fans, even in the teenage and adult years. We follow Club Penguin, step by step, as they go through good and bad times. Along the way, we support them by playing online, paying membership, being a fan blogger, creating fan artworks, and making videos about the game. Together, we believe in Club Penguin and continue to be proud supporters.

I cannot tell how much longer the game will last. Being ten years old is already an accomplishment. How many more years can this game stay online? Because the game’s popularity has decreased and a couple of services have discontinued (like the UK, German, and Russian divisions, the Puffle Wild app, just to name a few), admittedly, I am concerned about the current status of the game. It wouldn’t be surprising if the game ended within the next years, in my opinion. I just hope that it will stay on the internet for a long time and that future generations of kids can have the chance to play it. For over 5 years, I’ve been a player and I’m not stopping now. I have had some of the most wonderful, unforgettable moments and memories in Club Penguin. Feel free to comment on this blog post of your favorite times, opinions of aforementioned content, and anything else relevant. Here’s to the next adventures and experiences in Club Penguin! See you then and as Billybob would say, waddle on! Happy 10th birthday, Club Penguin.

Fan art of Club Penguin's 10th Anniversary by yours truly.

Fan art of Club Penguin’s 10th Anniversary by yours truly.


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