Club Penguin Halloween Panic! TV Special Review

Surprisingly, Club Penguin has made this epic TV special by Disney and Factory Create available to purchase on the iTunes store… even before it premieres on television! I couldn’t wait to watch it. As a result, I have watched it already. I summarize the story and share my thoughts. Furthermore, there is a hint of possibly the fourth CP TV special at the end of Halloween Panic! and will be explained in detail at the end of the post.

THE STORY: Jangrah and her friends set up a Halloween attraction at her igloo. All is going pretty swell until Blizzard comes up with his own unexpected part of the attraction: zombie penguins! It’s all just a trick though, but his friends don’t laugh with him. Instead, they disagree with his trickery. Blizzard the trick master feels left out, because his penguin pals favor treats over tricks. Feeling down, he meets Polter-Gus (or Gus, for short). Blizzard ends up being the tricked one. Gus tricks him into releasing mischievous ghosts. They want to transform all penguins on Club Penguin isle into ghosts. Scary!! (This proves that it is possible for penguins to fly.) Anyway, Blizzard is in a sticky situation. After all, he caused this spooky mess in the first place. How can he regain his friendship with Jangrah and the others as well as save the island?! Blizzard is in a blizzard of troubles.

MY REVIEW: Again, Disney and Factory Create teamed up to make another awesome television special for Club Penguin fans. It’s not very scary and okay for the little ones to watch. Halloween Panic! is more of a comedy rather than horror, in my opinion. I laughed a lot throughout the special. The jokes and comedy are ace and overall had a fun, spooktastic time! I don’t have a favorite Club Penguin TV special and like all of them equally. Kudos to Disney, Club Penguin, and Factory Create for a third fantastic special.

Now, the exciting part…


I totally wasn’t expecting this to happen. At the end of Halloween Panic!, there is a scene that is totally unrelated to Halloween, ghosts, zombies, etc. All I will say is that it relates to the EPF and Sydmull, the science fan, will be the main character of most likely the fourth Club Penguin TV special. Cannot wait!!


One thought on “Club Penguin Halloween Panic! TV Special Review

  1. Great review, Tech! I agree, it wasn’t scary at all, (I doubt even little kids would define it scary too), and was more focused on comedy. Some jokes were corny in my opinion while others were okay. The CGI for the ghosts was done very nicely. Halloween Panic is my second favorite TV special, behind We Wish You a Merry Walrus. I just hope the fourth TV special isn’t in correlation with next month’s EPF operation…

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