Fall is my Favorite Season

How so?

  1. Summer’s too hot, winter’s too cold. Spring is the season to sneeze and sneeze. I sound like Goldilocks, but it’s true. The crisp air of autumn is what I look forward to each year. It just gives me a peaceful and invigorating sensation. It’s the time of year to refresh, in my opinion.
  2. My birthday is in the fall. (So is Lane Merrifield/Billybob’s; his birthdate is the same as mine!)
  3. Wait a minute. How is this post related to Club Penguin? Patience, Padawan! Club Penguin always seems to be awesome doing the fall. Each year, I look forward to the Anniversary Parties, especially this year because of the 10th Anniversary. Rejoicing and reminiscing of the past year makes me admire what Club Penguin has done in the year.
  4. Typically, the annual spooky Halloween Parties are a success and are fun. I prefer joining in CP’s Halloween Parties over trick-or-treating. The parties are a better treat that won’t result in cavities!
  5. What’s more, November is usually EPF month, which has an operation involving the Elite Penguin Force and the main bad guy, Herbert P. Bear and his crustacean sidekick, Klutzy. I’ve always been a fan of operations, they are some of the best events ever! Club Penguin has been hinting clues in recent times that seem to point to a new operation this November. Can’t wait.

The season of fall is the rise of terrific things!


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