The Story of Glitterpants

I’m not talking about a glitzy piece of clothing, no. Glitterpants is a magical Unicorn Puffle residing in the wilds of Club Penguin island who would love to do nothing more than show off his rareness, freeze time, and sing his melodious voice for all the world to hear. He stars in the Puffle Wild app, helping explorers defeat levels of smashing berries. The boastful Puffle also has a song well-known by penguins called, “It’s Awesome to be Rare.” I wasn’t kidding when I said he likes to show off!

BUT WAIT! Did you hear the news that the Puffle Wild app shut down? Yup, it happened this September. No longer can you download the app. Further updates? Nope. Penguin users can’t log in, either. Luckily, the Wild Puffles can be adopted by caring penguins on the computer.

The discontinuation of the Puffle Wild app raises the question, what is Glitterpants gonna do now if Penguins are not exploring the wild and asking help from him? Well, I was thinking of Club Penguin’s new video short series named, “Meet (insert mascot here)”. Here’s an example with Rockhopper, the seafaring penguin pirate:

Recognize that voice? IT’S GLITTERPANTS. Lately, he has been singing theme songs for the mascots of Club Penguin island. Since this video series began not too long before the shutdown of the Puffle Wild app, that makes me suspect that Glitterpants had nothing to do in the wilds and talent scouts wanted him to sing his special and glorious voice for these Club Penguin videos. Glitterpants thought, “Hey, why not?” While Glitterpants may not seem to have much of a role in the wilderness of penguin isle, now he is doing what he loves, singing his heart out! He is having the time of his life by singing. At the end, everything is swell. 😀

NOTE: This is a random post. Yeah, I was just thinking about the Puffle Wild app and the Club Penguin video series starring the awesome guy with that powerful voice of his and I just decided to write this post to share something interesting. Maybe this is the story of Glitterpants, maybe not, but it’s fascinating to think about how all these events maybe, just maybe, are connected with each other. :O


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