A Huge Catalog Calls for Huge Results

By now, I am pretty sure you know about the biggest Penguin Style catalog ever that was released today, the 5th of August. There are endless pages. I was not surprised by the amount of items. Nope. I was VERY OVERWHELMED! If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?! Get on Club Penguin and check out the humongous catalog! I’ll try to keep this post as short as possible so you can spend your time with the catalog.

The outcomes of this catalog are indeed substantial. First of all, lots and lots of people logged on to see it. Just recently, I was online and saw in my Friends List that up to 11 friends were online at the same time! I don’t recall such an event like this for the past year. I am not surprised if Club Penguin sees a significant increase of penguins online in their stats. I expect a surge in membership sales, too. Lots of the old items that were released are classic and beloved items and who wouldn’t want to get their flippers on them?! Even if you’re not a member, nonmembers have a good amount of items available to them. The Club Penguin Twitter community’s been extremely active today. The release of this catalog has, without a single doubt, been a super success for Club Penguin.

But I also hear controversy about the catalog. I hear some speculations that because Club Penguin is releasing so many old items, the game is ending soon. I, on the other hand, believe that Club Penguin will not end for a long time. Club Penguin has been preparing for the Fashion Festival and at the same time, they gave players a chance to obtain retro items. When I saw those ties for sale, I was jubilant with joy. The point of items is not rarity, it’s dressing up and expressing your imagination. Besides, there are still quite a few old items that have not been released and still have a rare status, like the leis.

Are you happy with the new catalog and Club Penguin’s decision on this bold choice? What’s your favorite item in the catalog?

Hooray for cheese ties and tennis rackets!

Hooray for cheese ties and tennis rackets!


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