Tech70: Five Years of Waddling Around and Meeting New Friends

The 22nd day of July is very special for me. You know why? Because on this day, five years ago, I visited the Club Penguin website for the first time and created a penguin named Tech70. Since then, I’ve been through amazing and awesome experiences, started many new projects, and made good friends. Before continuing to read the post, I’d recommend to you all to get a comfy chair and your favorite snack, because this post is the longest post I’ve ever written, it’s more than 2,000 words! Don’t worry though, this story of my Club Penguin life anything but boring.

2010: My first year on the snowy, wonderful island. A relative of mine gave me a video game as a random present. It was the Club Penguin EPF DS game. And that’s how I discovered Club Penguin. As I was signing up, I was thinking for a while about what my username would be. I liked technology. I liked music of the 1970’s. Tada! Tech70 would be my penguin username. I was a total newbie and a beginner player. Yes, I joined in July, but didn’t actually start playing until September, so yeah, there was a bit of a hiatus. I was not a hardcore player… yet. The story about how I got my first pin is a funny one. When I was only a few days old, I stumbled upon the Compass Pin in the Boiler Room. I thought to myself, “What a weird place for a compass.” Because of my curiosity, I clicked it and obtained my first pin. At first, I thought it was a hand item and I kept clicking on it in my inventory, but it never showed up in my hand. After furiously clicking for a moment, I saw the Compass Pin where it was supposed to be, in the top-left corner of the player card. What a fool I was! My first party ever was the fantastic Fall Fair. Believe me, I had fun, and lots of it. When I had free time, I logged on. During the Fair, I was desperately searching for Rockhopper. After hours attempting to find him, I met my first mascot: Rockhopper, the seafaring penguin pirate, on the server Northern Lights. Oh boy, I was so thrilled, I told my friends all about it the next day. I was like, “OMG GUYS I MET ROCKHOPPER IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!” I am about the same age as stamps; stamps made their debut around the time I joined Club Penguin. I’ve always been a determined penguin to earn as many stamps as possible. When I was a month-old player, I needed some help with several activities in the game, like finding the pin. That’s when I Googled for Club Penguin cheats. I clicked a website and it took me to… can you guess? Cena12121’s Team Club Penguin Cheats blog! I was a fan of Cena and his blog and enjoyed reading his posts, especially the funny pictures! Gosh, they made me laugh out loud. Well anyway, I visited other blogs too, like Monchocho’s. I made lots of new penguin pals in 2010 and I had fun chatting with them (before the era of the strict chat filter) and playing games with them. I had a heck of a good time. All of them stopped playing now. I sometimes miss them. 2010 was an epic year and couldn’t wait for what would be coming in the next year as a flightless bird.

2011: Immediately after the year began, I already was enjoying the Wilderness Expedition. By then, I knew this year was going to be a blast. When I was done with my homework and chores, where would I be? Sitting at the computer logged on Club Penguin! The parties were terrific. I was not even a year old yet when my personal favorite party started, Music Jam 2011. Out of all the parties of 2011, I spent the most time in Music Jam 2011, dancing with friends, jamming to the sweet sounds of the party, and trying to find the Penguin Band and Cadence. Man, such a good time. I think the era of bugs started this year though. Bug after bug after bug. Nevertheless, 2011 has always been my favorite year on the island, because of the seriously marvelous parties and the many penguins logging on. Club Penguin was never a ghost town, it was always a lively place and most of the servers that are dead today were packed with people. #nostalgia

2012: “OMG ANOTHER EXPEDITION!” I said that when I was informed of the Underwater Expedition, the first party of the year. For the year, I was just as satisfied with Club Penguin as I was in 2010 and 2011. I do have to say however, that I was surprised by the Marvel Superhero Takeover. After all, it has nothing to do with Club Penguin. I’ve never been a fan of Marvel anyway, I’m more of a DC person. (GO BATMAN!) Oops, where was I? Oh yeah. I was intrigued about all the influences outside of Club Penguin for the rest of the year. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not against takeovers. I was just sort of astonished. (Of course, now I wouldn’t be shocked by a takeover anymore.) The igloo like feature was introduced during the year, which inspired me to spend the majority of my time on CP inviting other players to my igloo. Prior to igloo likes, I never was interested in igloo decorating and always thought my designs looked terrible. But then the igloo like feature influenced me to at least TRY to decorate. Suddenly, I had a passion for decorating igloos. Inviting people to come over and partying with them were fun. Always. I was a hardcore player and continued to play the game, earn stamps, find mascots, and waddle around and meet new friends.

2013: This year was a huge one for me. Let’s start with… everyone, including I, noticed a surprising change in 2013. In the January Penguin Style catalog, we all gawked at the new look of penguins. They were taller and looked a lot more grown-up, especially with the real life-like clothing that they wore. At first, I disliked the new look. Eventually though, I got used to it. Now it looks just fine to me, and I totally understand Club Penguin’s decision to replace the old penguin styling with the new one. In January, I was excited for the Prehistoric Party. “ANOTHER EXPEDITION? HOORAY!” It was fun, but very different from past parties and I was a tad bit underwhelmed. “Hmm, dinosaurs can throw up on penguins? What.” I spent less time online than before. After being on Club Penguin for a few years and seeing all these radical changes, I didn’t enjoy the parties as much as I used to. It seemed to me that they were different from previous parties, and I’m pretty sure some of you agree with me. Despite this, I never quit and kept on playing, and still had a good time. I started to take screenshots of game achievements, like making 40 pizzas without messing any up, and eventually took screenshots during parties with friends and meetings with mascots. In May of 2013, I had a HUMONGOUS shock. Spike Hike, the manager of Club Penguin, visited my igloo. Why was this so shocking? First of all, this is the manager of Club Penguin coming to my igloo! Also, no staff member visited my igloo before, until that moment. Furthermore, I DIDN’T even ask Spike to come to my igloo, while many others were asking him to visit their igloos. I nearly fainted (well, not really, but you get the point). My heart was beating so fast, because of the unexpected occurrence. I was too happy and excited to take a screenshot with him in my igloo, lol. Later that year, Polo Field, the social media manager, came to my igloo and I was really ecstatic and thrilled. He tweeted a picture of my igloo, with him and me and included this sentence of his opinion of my igloo: “Great decorating, Tech70!” I was like, “HE SAID MY NAME. HE SAID MY NAME!!” Yeah, I was excited. A little too excited. In December of 2013, I noticed that much of the teen Club Penguin community was on Twitter and some employees, like Polo and Spike, were on there too. In that same month, I joined Twitter. Ever since, I logged on Club Penguin only once in a while.


2014: I wasn’t really into parties, but more of the involvement of the community. With fellow penguins, we hanged out and chatted on Twitter with Megg, the intern, and a random thing started: #MeggTakeover. We also got online often for the filming of the Spoiler Alert, which was a weekly show. It not only showed spoilers, it was a hilarious, wacky show and I looked forward to every Monday for each episode. When the year started, I had an interest in creating fan art due to a great inspiration from the community’s talented artists. I wasn’t an amateur artist, nor a professional and that’s how I still am today. I got my broken, old colored pencils out and started drawing. Soon, I also started digitalizing artworks, which turned out better than expected! A few of my artworks even got featured in official Club Penguin videos, and I was astonished each time. In early April of the year, I began a series of videos on YouTube that featured the mobile apps of Club Penguin. I was surprised that people were actually watching them. So I kept on going, making more and more videos. Eventually, I decided to take a break on the walkthrough series. As you can see, I spent more of my Club Penguin time outside of the game itself. Artworks and videos galore! I interacted with the community a lot during this year too. It was awesome.

One of my favorite Club Penguin fan arts.

2015: Well, here we are. The current year. Once again, I wasn’t using much of my spare time for playing Club Penguin. I continued working on projects. The amount of artworks have lessened, mainly because I’ve been busy with various other projects. In February, I went back to the YouTube universe, but made a decision: I would stop making app walkthroughs. I wanted to refresh my YouTube channel with something… unique. App walkthoughs are everywhere. One day, I was watching some funny fan-made Club Penguin videos. That inspired me to make a Club Penguin comedy video series! I commenced with a primitive video featuring me in the SoundStudio Party with silly jokes and stuff. Many people watched and enjoyed it. Then, I made more videos, having fun each time, and gained lots of experience over time. My most recent videos look a lot better than the older ones. You can always watch my latest one on the right side of my blog. OH! And speaking of my blog, I started it in March of this year. It’s not active, but when I do write posts, I passionately try to make them as unique and as meaningful as possible. Now, what about my actual time online on Club Penguin? I log on Club Penguin, mainly for the updates. The parties created by Club Penguin have been okay, but not my favorites. Parties hosted by the penguins of the community, whether it’s a celebration of a happening or a gathering to raise awareness of something important, have always been fun!

The Autism Awareness event, hosted by penguins of the community.

Because of my relative who gave me that out-of-the-blue present, which is the EPF DS game, I am here today. The Club Penguin universe. I would like to thank you. Yes, YOU. The Club Penguin community has taught me so much and motivated me to begin multiple projects, most of which I had tons of fun in creating them. The community has always been a talented, special, and friendly one. Over the years, I’ve grown with Club Penguin and penguin pals. Although I am not as active online on Club Penguin as my first years, I still am a hardcore player. Good times and bad times have happened within the years in Club Penguin. Countless good memories with Club Penguin and community. *happy sigh* I can’t wait to dive in the next adventures and be part of the upcoming journeys with my friends in the game we all love, Club Penguin. What will the next years hold for us?

“Going back from the very beginning of Club Penguin, it was never about standing still. It was never about just arriving and staying there. It’s always been about the journey.” – Lane Merrifield, co-founder of Club Penguin, in Club Penguin’s New Horizons documentary.


2 thoughts on “Tech70: Five Years of Waddling Around and Meeting New Friends

  1. Happy Birthday to your penguin! This was a very good post. My penguin and yours have many similarities, for example joining because of the DS game. This proves that Club Penguin should continue to create more video games. Awesome fan art!

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