Discussion: The First Half of 2015

First of all, welcome to July and Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian pals! It’s hard to believe it’s July already.

Now that we are entering the second half of 2015, it’s time to reflect on the past half year in Club Penguin, shall we? Are you liking this year so far? Maybe disliking how the year is turning out? What was your favorite Club Penguin party/event? Your least? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

My opinion: I definitely wouldn’t consider 2015 to be the best year in Club Penguin. Not the best parties, numerous bugs, and terrible happenings. The parties and events of this first half of the year include the Star Wars Rebels Takeover, the SoundStudio Party, Pi Day, the Puffle Party, the Cave Maze, the Frozen Fever Party, the Fair, the Rainbow Puffle Party (mobile), Royalty Week (I doubt this was an actual event, to be honest), the return of PSA missions in the game, and the Festival of Snow. The Cave Maze and the Festival of Snow were the best. And guess what? They weren’t even huge parties. They were just mini-events that weren’t advertised anywhere on Club Penguin’s website and elsewhere. Experiencing these two events felt like traveling through time back to the early, awesome Club Penguin. Some of the 2015 parties were reruns, others were takeovers that were only so-so. We have not seen a new saga in Card-Jitsu yet and zero brand new EPF missions/operations. Oh, and bugs and technical issues galore. In fact, too many for me to list. The worst situation, by far, was the connection problem of May, a month-long case. Several had no trouble logging in, but many did. Moving on to another topic, a lot of Club Penguin employees got laid off in April, very awful indeed, especially considering the fact that Disney shut down their other virtual worlds so they can focus on Club Penguin. Additionally, on the last day of June, Megg made an announcement on the blog: the German and Russian Club Penguin will end in early September. And to think Russian Club Penguin is only a year and a few months old. How devastating! Now what has Club Penguin been doing in their mobile sector? In February, Club Penguin released the SoundStudio app, the newest app in the Club Penguin series of mobile apps. It’s okay, but not my favorite. The Sled Racer app was updated with global leaderboards and power-ups to help us go farther on the slopes. This is one of the best things that Club Penguin has done this year! What have been my favorite things of the first half of 2015? Just recently, Club Penguin hid the pins in witty places and decreased their size, which made pin searches more challenging, thus more entertaining! Finally, despite the enormous layoff earlier this year, Megg and Deamama has been socializing a lot with us on the Club Penguin What’s New blog. It’s great to chat with them, share ideas, and just have a good time. And they’ve been creating some activities and fun stuff for the community on the blog, as well, such as an amusing monthly calendar listing the events for the month!

In short, Club Penguin could have done better in 2015, their performance was better in other years. I could keep talking, but I’d rather keep my review of the first half of 2015 brief. Sure, this year’s been full of mishaps and trouble. Furthermore, for some players, the content, like parties, provided for the penguin community wasn’t the best. But you know the best part? Club Penguin is ALWAYS listening. They have made several improvements this year, thanks to their attentive ears, listening to what we have to say and decide what to do from there. 2015, up to this point, has not been my favorite year, but it has been an exciting and cool journey. Let’s see what the future holds for Club Penguin and community for the final six months of 2015! Onward!


One thought on “Discussion: The First Half of 2015

  1. Great post! I agree with post of it. I’m a little disappointed with Club Penguin, considering they asked us what we wanted to see in 2015, and all of us asked for Card Jitsu and the EPF. Yet so far there has been zero of both. Will they ever make a return?

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