Idea: Additional Rooms in the Mall

UPDATE ON JUNE 7: @thepenguincat, a very, very talented Club Penguin fan artist, has illustrated my idea to life. Don’t you think it’s superb? I could never make something as awesome and breathtaking as this! Special thanks to @thepenguincat for creating this beautiful concept of the Sport Shop in the Mall (tip: to see the full image, click the tweet to go to Twitter):

Club Penguin has just released a new room on the island, the Puffle Berry Mall! I sincerely like this new place. Barely anyone visited the Stage in this day and age and it never got updated with new plays. Thus, it is time for something to replace it. What do you like to do in the Mall? My favorite activity is riding the escalator up and down. Hopefully, I don’t get elevator-sick!

Real-life malls have numerous shops, eateries, etc. The Puffle Berry Mall currently does not have separate rooms for these things. Why not add new rooms to the Mall? That’d make the Mall a more interesting and amusing place. Over time, Club Penguin can create new rooms for the Mall. It does not have to be done in a hurry, right? One month, they build one room. A month or two later, they can make another one. The Mall can also be expanded. Perhaps the first floor can be an entirely different room from the second floor once there are enough rooms for each level. The floors can be lengthened too. What rooms would you like to see in the Mall? I would personally love to see a revamped Sport Shop. (Maybe a secret entrance to the EPF can be implemented too, to keep that special quality from the Sport Shop’s past.) The possibilities for new rooms in the Mall are endless. If you have an idea or two or three or ten, send it to the Club Penguin team and who knows, you might see your idea come to reality.

Have fun shopping/riding the escalator/throwing coins everywhere!


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