Throwback Thursday: May 14, 2015

Some of Club Penguin’s best and monumental parties were the Medieval Parties. They were unlike any other party. They had their own charm and were simply fun. Those Knight’s Quests were the best part about them. Remember this room?

When that sign in the bottom-right corner of the screen said it was a challenge, IT WAS A CHALLENGE. You’d better heed those signs throughout the quest. Anyway, this was not one of those easy tasks like finding snowflakes. It was a real challenge and it took me a good few minutes to complete it, at first. You see those four large circles? Each time you walked on one, a button would appear in the center and clicking it would open some gates that would allow you to waddle to another circle. You have to decide where to go, or else, you could get stuck! On crowded servers, I’ve seen penguins trying to get to the other side to finish the enigma. They would ask others to press the button of the other circle for them, but it wasn’t possible to do that since this challenge did not involve teamwork and interaction with other players. Some kind people helped them with the puzzle though. 🙂 #GoodTimes

I hope to see more epic puzzles like this in the future. This room was present at the 2011 and 2012 Medieval Parties. To view images of the 2011 party, which debuted the room, visit this page of Trainman1405’s blog.


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