Idea for Club Penguin Mini-Games: Pause it!

That relatable moment when you are playing a mini-game in Club Penguin, so close to earning a stamp, when something happens. Maybe your parents or siblings are calling for you or you have to use the restroom. You anxiously look around the screen for a pause button… when the realization hits you: a pause button doesn’t exist! Either delay the interruption and keep on playing or lose the game and the chance to earn your stamp. You wouldn’t want any of those to happen.

The solution to this issue for mini-games is simple: just add a pause feature in them! That way, you can still take care of whatever just occurred to you while keeping the progress of the game. For example, I am so close to winning a stamp in Smoothie Smash and suddenly, I have to go to the bathroom! I pause the game, take care of it, and come back to the game without any loss in game progress. Pausing the game is perfect for fast-paced games, like Smoothie Smash and Jet Pack Adventure, and games that add up time being used, such as Puffle Launch and Puffle Roundup.

I’ve only talked about the pros of the pause idea. Now, here’s the only known con: players can take a break from the game, relax, drink fruit punch, take a power nap, whatever, and come back to the game feeling relaxed and ready to play again. They play the game not all at once, but at separate times to make the gameplay easier. Perhaps only the games that require time should have the pause attribute? Club Penguin will decide on all the circumstances of pausing mini-games unless there’s a vote on their blog or fun stuff page that determines the details of pausing. Thanks to my good friend, Tommy58562, for bringing up this concern.

Over a year ago, I posted this tweet:

The image in the tweet showing what the idea would look like was edited awfully (I am definitely not the best graphic designer in the field, ya know), but despite all that, it has been retweeted over 100 times. Who cares about how unprofessional the example graphic looks, many Club Penguin players like this idea and I thank you for the support! Even Spike Hike replied to my tweet of the pause idea!

However, he was not referring to the mini-games on the computer, but on the Club Penguin app. It’d be terrific to see replay with the pause on the computer too, but let’s put our main focus on the pause feature.

Do you like the idea of having the ability to pause games or not? What are your thoughts of it? Share them in the comments below!


One thought on “Idea for Club Penguin Mini-Games: Pause it!

  1. Literally awesome idea! Well, I guess there should be a feature using which you can save your progress (and it should save automatically after every few minutes). Just in case there pops up the annoying “Connection Lost” popup. 😛


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