Club Penguin is Doing a Good Job at Keeping Up with Technology

As you are playing Club Penguin, the evolution of technology is very evident. For example, the third PSA mission released in 2007 had this oldie computer…

…and today, penguins use the modern tablet.

Club Penguin is moving on with technology as it gets more sophisticated and better. They have done a couple of things within the game that relates to the ever-changing technology.

1. Unity

To play Club Penguin on your computer, you need Flash installed. Just about everyone has Flash now so that should not be a problem. In the old days, what would game developers use? Flash, Flash, Flash! Today is a different story. Ever heard of Unity? It’s a platform utilized for creating games. It works with both 2D and 3D interfaces and the graphics are fantastic. Unity is indeed present in Club Penguin. I think that by now, you have at least heard of the Club Penguin app called Sled Racer. Well, it’s a Unity game! Tap License Credits in the settings and you’ll see it was created with Unity Technology. Flash is still being used, but more and more game developers are using Unity.

2. Mobile

When Club Penguin first released the My Penguin app (now called the Club Penguin app) in May of 2013, it was a huge phenomenon. You could play some sections of Club Penguin right on your iPad. Gradually, the CP team released the app for more mobile devices, added rooms for penguins to waddle around, more games, included parties, etc. Then they went on to create three additional apps for Club Penguin players, YES, THREE! Plus, before these four apps, they created the Puffle Launch app in 2011 (it’s now defunct). Despite all this presence in the mobile world, they are nonetheless actively putting their time for the computer version of Club Penguin, as well. It is worth noting that if you are viewing the Club Penguin website on mobile, they have a mobile-friendly website instead of the interface if you were to be on the computer.

3. New Software

CPNext. It’s something that is being constantly debated by the players of the Club Penguin community. Wondering what it is? If you read Spike Hike’s blog post, you’ll be a CPNext expert in no time. Like Spike Hike said, CPNext is already integrated into the Club Penguin app. But the computer version of Club Penguin? We have yet to see obvious signs of CPNext there. Are you excited for CPNext on all Club Penguin platforms? Another thing that the community is patiently waiting for is Project Super Secret. Spike Hike talks about Project Super Secret a lot on Twitter, but we don’t even know what it is. Is it a revolutionary software? Or an app? Or a TV series? Or a new flavor of ice cream? (Okay, that’s a little too far.) All we know about Project Super Secret is that it is a project and it is super secret.

Spike Hike believes in progress for the future and I do too. Mr. Heatherly has been striving for advancement for the best technology suited for Club Penguin. He is very busy with other divisions of Disney Games though and I wish that he was more involved in his Club Penguin projects. Spike Hike and the Club Penguin team are doing the right thing by keeping CP up to date and they are pros at it.


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