A Huge Club Penguin Layoff and My Thoughts

A tragic occurrence for Club Penguin and the community today: Disney Club Penguin has laid off many employees. As a matter of fact, the whole office of Brighton, England has closed. Why, you ask? Due to the serious reduction in membership purchases so it’s not Club Penguin’s best time right now. You can read all the details here: http://www.castanet.net/news/Kelowna/137843/Club-Penguin-cuts-jobs. Thanks, Screenhog, also known as Chris Hendricks, for informing us about the news. Visit his Twitter page and be sure to read his blog post on the matter.

Did you know that a super low unemployment rate can be bad for the economy? Layoffs are totally normal. (Believe me, I already learned all of this in school. :P) Welcome to the business world! It’s just very unfortunate that Club Penguin is decreasing its amount of employees. Disney’s section of virtual worlds was being entirely focused on Club Penguin and now this happens? How sad! Layoffs are unavoidable and I know Disney is investing money in Club Penguin, but I do wish more money was being put into Club Penguin to steer away from such a gigantic unemployment.

Please look on the good side though: This is NOT the end of Club Penguin yet. This is just a step in the Club Penguin journey. Plus, the Castanet article never mentioned anything about the offices of other countries, like Argentina, being downsized. No reason for panic, everyone. Stay strong, Club Penguin team and community!


3 thoughts on “A Huge Club Penguin Layoff and My Thoughts

  1. I miss Toontown now, because I thought when they closed it, it was going to be a better time for CP, so I didn’t mind it closing much, but now, I can see I miss it


  2. I’m so sad but It was CP’s mistake. If they would have listened to us then this wouldn’t have happened. Music Jam 2014 and Merry Walrus *sigh* (Merry Walrus was the most boring party IMO and after that it is Music Jam 😛 You can’t escape the Merry Walrus) but It’s not the end. It’s quite sad that when CP started to make good parties this happened. Well, It’s hard time CP is been going through but our wishes are with them. 🙂 And I’m sad for the people who wanted to work at CP HQ at Brighton. Again, A NICE POST!! 😀


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