The SoundStudio App: Fun at First, but Necessary?

One of the apps in the Club Penguin family of apps is SoundStudio. It’s almost identical to SoundStudio on the web, except the app includes the Cadence genre (in it, you remix Cadence’s song, “You Got This”) and CP Radio. The genres and sounds are all the same and you can listen to the tracks of other penguins whether you are on the app or on the computer. There are two advantages of the app: the CP radio and mobility. On the computer, you can only listen to people’s tracks on the same server. On the other hand, the app includes the CP Radio and you can hear everyone’s music without separate servers to split up everyone’s music. If the SoundStudio app is downloaded on your device, you can play the game on the go, like if you are in the car (but don’t play and drive!!) I have the SoundStudio app, but I never spend my free time on my iPad to play it; I’d be playing other apps, like the epic Sled Racer app. At first, it’s fun, but after experimenting with all the genres and the corresponding sounds, the gameplay begins to get dull, particularly if you played SoundStudio on the computer prior to the app. The replay aspect of this app is terrible since you are just listening to the exact same music over and over again. If you have a big passion to mix a wide variety of music, go for Apple’s GarageBand or Music Maker Jam for Android, not SoundStudio.

Club Penguin spent months making this app to come to life. Was it worth the time to create this app? In my opinion, no. During those months, CP could have added more games, rooms, and experiences in the Club Penguin app or extra levels for the Puffle Wild app. If these events happened, I believe Club Penguin players would have been more satisfied with them than the SoundStudio app. When it comes to Club Penguin apps, I strongly believe that they should be unique and different from the web version, not alike. The Sled Racer and Puffle Wild apps are great examples. In my opinion, making the SoundStudio app is not Club Penguin’s best decision, but Club Penguin will always make both good and bad decisions. It’s trial and error to see which choice works out the best and go from there!


One thought on “The SoundStudio App: Fun at First, but Necessary?

  1. Fantastic post! I agree. I think Club Penguin should add an app that you get to do and send exclusive things to penguins you are friends with. Possibly like a Club Penguin Chat and a Fun With Friends app.

    Ryanec1 from


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