“Quitting Club Penguin” Explained

Original idea of this meme by Trainman1405.

Original idea of this meme by Trainman1405.

The above meme you just saw depicts what this post is about: Quitting Club Penguin is not as simple as you think. There are several answers to the question, “What does quitting Club Penguin mean?”

Frequently, players announce their departure from Club Penguin and move on to something else, such as more time for school or playing a different game, like Minecraft. Quitting is totally normal and pleading for someone to stay is not the right thing to do. Some people decide to stay in Club Penguin for the rest of their lives (like me! :P) and some don’t. However, there are distinct variations of quitting Club Penguin. Have you lost interest in the game? Do you want to leave the community? You can still be a part of the community, despite your lack of interest in the game. Or you could be just playing the game, but not interacting with the community. It’s all up to you! You could even be spending less time in the community and/or game, but that doesn’t mean you quit altogether. Remember, if a leader in the community or your friend chooses to quit, YOU don’t need to quit alongside. You all can still be good pals with each other without the different interests separating your friendship.

A couple of cases have happened wherein someone all of the sudden says, “I am quitting!” but they don’t in reality. It’s most likely caused by something that has saddened or angered them. If this has happened to you, don’t immediately declare you’ve quit. Think it over before it may become official. Don’t let a minor event that has made you sad or mad be the source of quitting. In life (and Club Penguin!), bad things will happen, but you gotta keep in mind that good things are certain to occur as well! 🙂


4 thoughts on ““Quitting Club Penguin” Explained

  1. I miss some of the penguins that quit. I with they’d still be part of the CP Community. For example, the people that don’t really like CP anymore and blog, they can stop blogging and only log in once every few months or so, but CP is a COMMUNITY with FRIENDS!!! 🙂 For example, I remember Tommy 234 56’s blog. He should still maybe play CP, maybe even log on once every 4 or 5 months, or even every year, but we shouldn’t loose the CP Community. It is amazing how many friends somebody can make on Club Penguin. I respect the decision that other penguins make, and there opinions.

    Ryanec1 from piratecpcheats.wordpress.com

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  2. Well, some people are just attention seekers and act as if they are quitting for the sake of seeking people’s attention. It’s just crazy and insane. Great post anyways!


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