How to Have a Successful Igloo Party with Many Visitors

People see my igloo likes (50,000+) and I receive this question numerous times: How did you get that much likes? When Club Penguin started the igloo like feature in 2012, I was actively inviting penguins to my igloo. I spent like 90% of my time on Club Penguin doing that. I kept up this energetic spirit of igloo invitations until I joined Twitter in December of 2013. I enjoyed doing this, mainly for entertaining people at my igloo and partying with them, not for the igloo likes. This post was inspired by your igloo questions to me.

Want to gain a lot of likes for your igloo? Or earn the igloo stamps? Or do you just want to have a fantastic igloo party with lots of people? If so, then read on, because here’s a handy, surefire guide of how to properly and effectively have an awesome igloo party!

Start your igloo journey by making not just a igloo, THE igloo. Use your imagination and creativity to build your igloo. Play around with items, rotate them, change them around, and more. Make your igloo the best it can be! Before you invite people, make sure you have the right music on and the right igloo open. (I am saying this because one time, I accidentally said an igloo invitation but I had the wrong igloo on display. I felt so silly when I realized I had the wrong igloo open. -_-)

If you want many people to visit your igloo, you gotta invite them. Here are some tips for the best invitation practices:

  1. The number one thing you should do is NEVER cheat with your invitations. Please type or copy and paste your invitations. DO NOT use third-party programs to automatically send your invitations, because it is wrong, unfair for others, and violates the Club Penguin rules you agreed to. Be awesome, follow the CP rules, and do the right thing! 🙂
  2. Log onto a popular server, such as Blizzard, and start your invitations at the Town. You need to be in a crowded area to get many visitors.
  3. You should be in a popular room. However, you also need to evaluate the situation there. Are there others inviting people to their igloos? Too much competition is not good, as less people will come to your igloo. Perhaps you can go to another crowded room for your igloo invitations, such as the Plaza.
  4. Alternate between rooms. For example, stay at the Town for a few minutes. Afterwards, go to the Plaza. More players will see your igloo invitations that way.
  5. Your invitation should be unique. Don’t just say, “PARTY IN MY IGLOO!” Your invitation could be “EPIC AND FANTASTIC CELEBRATION AT MY IGLOO!” Adjectives and unique nouns really help make your invitation sound exciting and awesome and it’ll entice people to come to your igloo.
  6. Make sure your igloo invitation shows for others. With the strict chat filter, a boatload of words and phrases that are completely appropriate and okay to say are not passing through the filters. Thus, no one can see your igloo invitation and you’re wasting your time. Ask a friend if they can see the igloo invitation. If they can, then great. If not, then come up with a different but similar invitation and ask them again.
  7. Don’t invite penguins to your igloo while a Club Penguin party is going on. When people log on during a party, the first thing they will do is explore the party. After they are done with that, they may check for other updates such as pins and the CP Times and log off without going to your igloo. Invite penguins while Club Penguin is in its normal state, without any special parties going on.

Once in a while, go to your igloo to see how it’s going. If people are there, greet them and express your gratitude for their time to visit your igloo. For example, you can say to them, “Thanks for coming to my igloo.” When they receive this kindness, they might stay at your igloo longer, but most of all, it’s good to spread happiness to others. 🙂

Now that you have finished reading this guide, you can start your own spectacular igloo party. Get your creativity going and have fun!


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